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Thursday, August 13, 2009

2007 Exquisite Football Box - Redux

Yeah, I'm not going to sugar coat my box of Exquisite, it sucked bad. I got one good card, the Jarrett "quad" jersey. Here is a question I asked myself about the box: Other than not getting a big hit, what would I have gotten for $200 of wax?

I did get a dual on card auto of two starting QB's, a nameplate auto patch /99, a single color Semi star patch, a nobody* rookie on card auto and a quad patch of a star rookie. How bad is that really compared to what we normally pull out of boxes. Say you dropped $100 on a box. Is the Jarrett enough to make you "happy" What about the nameplate auto?

My point is that I didn't come close to recouping my money on this box, not that I sell anyway, but from a collecting standpoint was it that bad? Was I one decent card away? Say and LT auto or something to that effect?

*That is my bad, this guy has played in all 32 games in the last two years. He also had 7 picks last year. My appologies Mr. Griffin.

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