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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blowout Shenanigans

Blowout Cards is up to some Shenanigans. Topps Magic is suspect. Gellman calls it a sticker dump and I am inclined to agree. There is no other way to justify 3rd year practice roster autos in the set. Plus the secondary market is horrible on these cards with only a few cards showing decent returns.

Blowout has posted the following Tweets:
BLOWOUTCARDSKeep an eye on 2009 Topps Chrome Baseball and 2009 Topps Magic FB. Both have some huge upside remaining.
about 12 hours ago from web

Keep an eye on Topps Magic FB and 2007 UD SP legendary Cuts BB. Have a suspicion both will run shortly
1:38 PM Aug 6th from web

Should say topps magic football
10:40 AM Jul 30th from mobile web
Magog football starting to fly.. Just sold 6 cases in the last 30 minutes... Something's up with this product all of a sudden
10:39 AM Jul 30th from mobile web

Blowout, you are full of shit on this one. But wait there is more. Blowout has jacked up their ebay price to $106 a box. Atlanta, and Big T have followed suit. Routinely when Blowout, DA, and BigT are the only ones with boxes available on the Bay, the prices will rise dramatically. Yet boxes of Magic have been selling for $55-74 on a regular basis.

I wouldn't mind picking up a case or two of magic just to collect some of the autos and maybe the set as well, but these are sticker autos and the base set is alright I suppose. Maybe this is the same crap they are pulling with Exquisite, Prime cuts and National Treasures these days. Prices of wax increased 50%, be better off to pick up singles. The tough thing about that is that I am a general collector, so I have a hard time just picking up a single or two.

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