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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Exquisite as junk?

Hear me out on this one. First off, Exquisite Patch out rookies are the top of the line end all be all of a particular player's rookie card in Basketball, Football, and Hockey (The Cup), but what about the other cards?

I have lamented about the seemingly endless stream of /23 Lebron and Jordan cards. These cards will most certainly always be valuable. I will be very interested to see what happens when people realize they have 300 or so of these cards and their value is around 50-100k and everyone decides to sell. There are people that bust case after case after case after case of exquisite. Sure they get the big hit every once in a while. The Triple Logoman etc, but card for card these people more likely than not lose money as they try to flip everything. Then there are the private collectors that have gobs of money to spend that everything goes into their pc. But as usual I digress.

Now the rest of the story. Shaq, Paul, Garnett, Any retired player other than Jordan, and of the stars of the games have hundreds of really nice patches out there that are produced year in and year out. Nameplates, logos, 4 color 10 break, etc. By the way, listening to some 50 year old guy on youtube busting exquisite and talking about how "sick" every patch is...well its just a bit sad. That's the point you fucking tool, they are all "sick" retarded nasty mojo patches. ITS the EXQUISITE COLLECTION YOU FUCKTARD AND YOU DROPPED $100 ON THAT DAMN CARD! Funny how some of the cards are worth more than the game used jersey actually costs.

You name it, Exquisite has it. The question is at what point do all of those patches and autos become worthless? By worthless, I mean shaq, garnett, etc patches going for $2-$10. That's a 95% loss on the card for the seller. I am in no way saying that these cards are to this point. The 08-09 product is still super hot, but give it a couple years. Although with UD losing their license, you never know.

Football is a different story. With the exception of rookies, Exquisite Football patches are much less expensive. Plenty of these for for $5-$20 range and as the years go by the current stars are going to have more and more jerseys and patches available. Think of all the preseason games, regular season, playoff jerseys. I wonder if the players change or are going to start changing their jerseys at half time just to create more game used jerseys and thus more revenue. If I was a team finance guy, I would have all the stars change their jerseys at half. AP, both mannings, etc would have 32 regular season game worn jerseys per year.

I think the market for autos is worse. Those can be signed in unlimited numbers. Does anyone think that Lebron autos are actually rare? No, but they are in very high demand. Seems like every pack of UD High end Basketball has a Bill Walton auto in it. Anyway, I will be very interested to see how all of this turns out in the next few years. Does UD have one more sticker auto/jersey dump product up their sleeve before they have to stop making basketball products?

Given the cost per card at retail, I still think Exquisite does poorly on the secondary market. If you pull the big hit that is 1 in 3 cases than fine, but even then you have to get $800-$1200 out of it to break even.

So you are asking yourself why is Joe Collector banging on Exquisite when he just threw down $880 on a case of 07 football and has two group breaks of Exquisite going? Because we are collectors. The fact is that Shaq patch that went for $45+ is a cool ass card. For the price of a card on the bay, we each get a shot at and are guaranteed quite a few cards and Exquisite Baseball is cheap.


Motherscratcher said...

Exactly right. We do it because we collect and they are cool fucking cards to have. And it's fun to bust the stuff.

And I wouldn't do it by myself.

I've never sold a card on ebay, so when I look at it that way, the "value" of a card is kind of secondary.

Captain Canuck said...

interesting point about changing jerseys at the half. the Cowboys, for one, don't do that. in fact, they can go 6,7, 8 games without getting a new jersey. I read on the Cowboys website about a handful of players last year actually using the same jersey all year.

Now maybe that's the way??? Only one game worn Romo jersey per year? That would be insane...

grant said...

I only had to read half of this post to say " Thank you!" I don't remember you using the F word all that much in this case it's deserved. I agree 100% again thanks! Grant And Fuc* Yeah! sorry had to throw that in there!