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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Exquisite Shenanigans?

As I posted earlier I picked up a box of 2007 Exquisite Football for $232 shipped. Gellman rightly pointed out that this is probably a left over box from a case where the hit has already been pulled. He is probably right, but it is very difficult to find a box of Exquisite any cheaper. That may be true but at least I have a shot to pull something I suppose. But what about this this and this and a plethora here. What are the chances that these have been resealed? It is easy to do because the plastic wrapping can be "donated" from the outer box. These inner boxes don't have holographic seals like the outer boxes do, nor do they have a tamper sticker like High end Donruss products have. If you look at the complete auctions, they do sell for a lot, but what is the sellers incentive? The Gold packs sell well but separated they do not sell for the price of a sealed box for sure. Anybody have an idea?

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