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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My first Box of Exquisite

Just picked this up.


Captain Canuck said...

you're nuts. completely insane.

i am sooooo jealous.

stusigpi said...

I figure why pay a mere $15 for a Kevin Kolb or John Beck exquisite Patch auto when I can pay $232 and pull one from a pack. Does this officially make me a big time breaker or a fool who is easily parted from his money? I am going with the latter.

Gellman said...

I would normally say that's a pretty good price, but you will be lucky to pull anything out of that box. Its probably a left over from a case where the big hit was already pulled.

stusigpi said...


I still think its a good price but fully understand your point. I suppose that even if you bust a case you are still stuck with 2-3 crappy boxes anyway. I have watched a lot of box and case breaks of the stuff and this stuff is very inconsistent.

This same seller has sold lots of single boxes for around the same price. There are a few other single boxes that have sold for $300 plus.

For me this is a cheap way to open a box of equisite.

Motherscratcher said...

I will bust a box of exquisite. Until then I live vicariously through you.

Who's in there besides Peterson?

stusigpi said...

Brady Quinn,lynch, Russell, Calvin Johnson, Bowe, Jarrett, Anthony Gonzalez(in my opinion anyway). Plus the usual suspects Emmit, Marino, etc. Don't forget Johnny Lee Higgins.