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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Panini Basketball Preview

I have to say I really like the photo shoot autos. On card?

Here is what I like about them. The signing area. The autos really pop. The cards also have that "rookie feel". First day of class student body card photo type of thing. I like it.
The dual card is ok. It would be nice if the player pics were bigger.
This one gets a Meh:
It kind of looks like set filler.
If Panini wants to send me some boxes of these, I'd bust them and review and give most of the cards away.

Here is what I want to see out of Panini. A high end Basketball product. One Rookie patch auto, 2 base cards /500 (50 card set no more than 4 parallels), 1 auto, 1 patch. $150. To be honest, I don't need Jordan or any of the expensive player autos in the set that do nothing but drive the price of the product into the stratosphere I want current guys and some retired Spud, Wilkins, Rambis, Worthy, that level of guy. Spare me the letters unless they are game used. I don't need booklets. I don't need Lebron/Kobe/Garnett triple autos. Don't waste my time with single color jerseys.

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grant said...

I agree with that.. It seems if they throw in a Jordan ( I would love to have one though) Kobe, lebron even Tiger woods in a set the price point just skyrockets from Mid to High end. BTW I like the fact your going towards high end stuff this year Iv'e been thinking about going that route since I put just as much money into the low to Mid range products through out the year why not just go for a few high end instead of having so many cards and sets I can't organize them and end up with same colored jerseys and no name auto's 95% of the time. Grant