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Monday, August 10, 2009

September football group break

September Football Break:
5 Boxes 2008 SP Authentic - 15 hits
1 Box 2008 Exquisite Football - Normal hit numbers
16 slots, 2 teams per slot, you get to pick 1 of your teams. Cowboys, Steelers, Falcons and Ravens are to be randomed. You will be assigned 1 random team of the teams that are not selected. Your choice team will be selected via a draft. I will random the list of participants and you will draft in that order.
$57 a slot
Pay at will

I had to exempt those four teams. Too many crazy hits to let people just pick them. These products are lousy with hits from those teams. The team listed beside your name is your top choice. If you send along your top one or two teams it will be easier to do the draft. If everyone picks different teams we may not need a draft.

1. IamJoeCollector (Host) - First Choice Rams
2. Captain Canuck - FC Colts
3. Box Opener - FC Bears
4. HEB - FC Raiders
5. HEB - FC Lions
6. Red Bird - FC Titans/Oilars
7. Darkship - FC Vikings
8. RichR- FC Eagles
9. Red Bird - FC Broncos

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