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Thursday, August 6, 2009

This reminds me that I am glad that we have one MLB License

This is what too many products results in. Yes there are football,basketball, baseball and Hockey, but check out all the crap that is just crap because there were too many slices of the pie.

Most bloggers have come out against the single license, but their reasons are so abstract:

Lack of competition results in no innovation: How do you measure that? Cards are not cars. I thought Topps did a fine job before 81. As one blogger pointed out, this isn't 35 years ago. You are right, but having two companies doesn't really help that because companies put out sets to put out sets, there frankly hasn't been that much quality in the past few years. I think everyone needs to ask themselves when cards went astray. I say it was anywhere between 92 and 94. Now ask yourself what was it about that period that made things suck?


Captain Canuck said...

if you ask me... things went south around '86.... and don't even get me started on the year 1991... that's what got me out of my shop and out of collecting.

Brian said...

That looks like a "BadWax" promo.

stusigpi said...


Things started going south around then for sure, but the wheels didn't really come off for a few more years. Card shops and wholesalers started on their shenanigans about around that time. Where the hell was donruss around 86, certainly not in stores. At least you could get some stuff in 88, 89, and 90 with the exception of UD.


That is certainly a Bad Wax promo. The truth is, I actually liked Score in 88-90, then they went on to their 10,000 card set the next year.

grant said...

God why did Steriods pop into my head right away! 91' was excactly when I stopped collecting so i"m gonna have to go with captain and that year. In my case I was just to overwhelmed with all the new cards sets upon sets and lack of funds to even keep up with the hobby anymore at that time. Which leads me to wonder why in the heck Im back into but hey if that sweet little blonde I left in 99' came around I'd probaby go back to collecting her again too! : ) Grant