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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Topps Gets an Exclusive?

That is what Beckett is reporting.

Its not like UD has done anything great this year.

Here is the news article.


Motherscratcher said...

Holy Shit. I thought that UD was OK after the MLBPA gave gave them their extention or whatever the hell it was.

stusigpi said...

I did too. Personally I like it. I don't bust much baseball these days because of all the junk. Maybe it will lead to fewer products. Base, Chrome, Finest, Heritage and AG.

Motherscratcher said...

I kind of like some of the UD stuff (I think. Having trouble thinking of any of it off hand). You make a good case, though. That list you put together right there is just about all you need for baseball, isn't it?

As long as they occasionally insert some Turkey Reds, even if it isn't every year.

stusigpi said...

Frankly UD baseball sucks. I liked Masterpieces, obviously, but other that SPX, SPA, etc isn't that good. Come on Ballpark? Suckumentary?

Topps should alternate AG and Turkey Red. Of course we have the Bowman fans out there.

Quick comment on that. Are Bowman fans stuck in the past? On all the boards there are people that go crazy over prospects that never made it but were hot back in the day. The jig is up on a lot of those guys. As far as I am concerned Bowman can die.

Back to Topps, Finest should be the top of the line with Sterling level hits inserted 1-2 per case. I would buy that shit like Krazy. Then they could ditch those lame sticker /50 Finest moments autos or keep them whatever. $60 a mini box? I'm in.

Back to Bowman, cause I can, I would have just as good of a chance to get a major prospect that turns in to a star in a product if I drove around Cali, New York and Florida and randomly made auto cards of High School Seniors. Seriously, go through some of those bowman sets 10 out of 500 panned out?

Welden Waverspy said...

As a lawyer, what are your thoughts about UD having a case to get baseball's antitrust exemption overturned?

stusigpi said...

Admittidly this is not my area of law, but I would say UD has little to no chance of being succesful. The reason why is that MLB has the right to control it's trademarks and the method in which it licenses them. Unless UD can show collusion, even with there is not much of a chance that would happen. MLB isn't harming their competition, in other words, MLB is not harming a rival business.

This is a very basic explanation and again I don't practice in this area, I just can't think of a way for UD to do so.