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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Box Breaks are now closed to signups

Astros, Rockies, Pirates, Dbacks, Athletics, White Sox

Football break has been canceled 7 spots or $400 is too much to pick up.

2007 Exquisite Break and Monthly Box Break will be up tomorrow. Signups are now closed.

Next Month's (October) Baseball Break:
1 box 2008 Prime Cuts IV
4 boxes 2009 Goodwin Champions
price $18

4 boxes 2009 Topps Chrome
2 boxes 2006 Legendary Cuts
price $18


Captain Canuck said...

double crap. hang on to my money and I'll put it towards something else.

stusigpi said...

I already refunded the money. Rule when doing group breaks is that you refund immediately upon cancelation.

White Sox Cards said...

Couldn't afford the break this month. Hopefully next month.

Box Opener said...

Did you really mean 2009 Legendary Cuts instead of 2006?

stusigpi said...

I mean 2006,the hits are better in my opinion. Plus not many of us get to bust a product like that.

Box Opener said...

Good idea with the old school break in 2006 SP Legendary Cuts, I prefer 2006 to 2009 also, but probably because I've busted a ton of the 2009 Legendary Cuts. If only I knew the Football was going to get canceled I would've joined the Exquisite Baseball break.

stusigpi said...

The 2006 seems to be a good year for this product. I thought the football break was going to go. I get tons of inquiries about the breaks and then people don't sign up.

If anyone has suggestions for the break, please let me know. I think the products I have chosen for the next coue months are good ones. I have been thinking of a football version of a monthly break if I hav enough interest.

Box Opener said...

How about some boxes of 08 UD Premier Football, I've seen some nice cards, and it's at a decent price now. Or perhaps a break that would be a box each of a high end box brand for a couple of years, '06-'08 exquisite football, or 3-4 years of SP Authentic Football or baseball for something more affordable.