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Monday, September 7, 2009

Fake Patch Ebay Seller

Maybe I Should bid on all of them and then not pay? Actually I just did. Muhahahaha. Posted this topic on Blowout Forums as well.

Every one of ebay seller **ryder** ryder 's patches are fake. Gellman first posted the Peterson fake logo here. I am not trying to take any credit what so ever for this. Gellman at sportscardsuncensored is the one that finds a lot of these or his readers send them to him.

I am only posting the seller's name because I get hits from people searching for certain user names. Check out all the fakes here.

Why people bid on these without checking I will never know. The Matt Ryan fake patch is pretty good a certainly the type of patch you would find in SP authentic SPA. However logos are much less common.

Here is his OJ mayo Auction here was the original

He buys the host card with one account and then sells under another.


Tim said...

And you know damn well that "fleabay" is not going to do a damn thing about it because they will lose fee money if they do.

stusigpi said...

OF course they won't. These get reported all the time. The guy that posted the auctions exposing the fraud should get credit. I wonder how many if these never get taken down even when they get reported. There are people that spend a lot of time exposing these cheats.

Voluntarheel said...

For what it's worth, I have had conversations with Huk and I think he is on a couple boards. I have definitely seen that DeSean Jackson Exquisite patch from another board member that said it was received via redemption from UD. I assume he got it from them. If some of his stuff is fake, I personally would give him the benefit of the doubt that he doesn't know it.

That being said, I have been wrong like twice before in my life, so take your chances.

stusigpi said...

Huk3 may very well be legit, but his patches are ridiculous and he has a lot of them.

dhocheiser said...

As you know when you make false accusations you are liable even in a blog especially when you post "fake patch". You are not accusing but are accusing in your blog which I take seriously and are doing possible damage. You bought a card from me which I more then welcomed to takeback If you are going to blog that I said I pulled all these patch cards that is so far from the truth as I bought everyone of them. If you checked what I have bought on Ebay which you can you would see I spent about $50k buying not pulling. So again a statement that is harmful.
Now you have 2 choices you pull down the false statement of what you have said as you haveused my ebay id to harm my business and issue an apology on your blog or you will deal with the outcome of making false statements and lots of money to someone to defend you. I will also use your statements that you set via ebay to show you are trying to damage my business.
I would normally ignore but you need to understand you can't say false statements in a public blog against a prviate citizen.
I have your address and will request user info from ebay so up to you.

dhocheiser said...

sorry I mixed you up with someone else who bought from me.
Regardless you have made false accusations and I am dead serious about finding a local attorney to procede. I have a great reputation and have paid a lot of money so you need to understand what will happen but most likely you will ignore and think I won't do anything and find out in the end an apology was all that was needed

stusigpi said...

I didn't buy a card from you that I recall.