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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some people have no clue - Ebay edition

Anyone that reads my blog knows that I like most everything Masterpieces. One of my current goals is to complete the /50 Patch set:

One of the reasons that I am going after this set is that it looks cool and the cards don't sell for a whole lot. Its also very challenging due to the print run of 50.

When I say they don't sell for a lot, Ryan, Flacco and a few other rookies do sell for 20-30 but most of the mid range guys sell for $4-12. Well some people disagree and insist on putting unrealistic prices on their cards.

Take this Glen Dorsey. Dude wants damn near $40 for the card. I have 2 and paid a total of $12 shipped...for both. Hell I paid $8 shipped for a Chris Johnson. At least this guy wants a mere $30.

Seems funny to me when I do my searches and find that the ebay store prices are 4-5 times the auction selling price. Even better, sometimes I find the ebay store prices lower than the auction sell price. I suppose some poeple do not know how to search.


Motherscratcher said...

I've always thought it was weird when I would run across people buying boxes for more than you can get at DA. It doesn't make sense. How in the world is there people out there that are buying boxes of cards but don't know what they go for on DA?

If you are buying off of eBay aren't you doing it because you are getting a box at a lot cheaper than you can get throught the online dealers?

Why the hell are people spending $70 on a box of Topps Chrome?

stusigpi said...

DA, Blowout, any of those guys. People just don't care I suppose. Countless times I have seen BIN prices way under the ending auction prices. Maybe they don't pay attention or they get so caught up in the bidding?

stusigpi said...

Oh and Topps Chrome is certainly not worth close to $70.