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Monday, October 26, 2009

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Serious Black v. Black Linen Green Linen v. Windsor Green

No one likes Masterpieces as much as I. One thing that bothered me though was the use of parallels. Upper Deck in their infinite wisdom decided to put out two un numbered green framed parallel and two black parallel both /99. From more than a few inches away it is almost impossible to tell the difference. Reader Pop Cultured, not to be confused with Pop Startled, asked me what the difference is. Well, I listen to my readers so here we go.

Green: Two Matsuis seemingly the same.
close inspection shows the difference.
Note the textured finish on the frame to the right. That is the Linen version, whereas the non textured is the Windsor. After sorting my cards it appears the windsor are 2-1 more common.

Same with the Black
Even from this angle it is tough to see:
Linen on the right, Serious Black on the Left.



White Sox Cards said...

Thank you for solving a two year mystery.

Jeff said...

Nice article, never knew the difference myself. Love masterpieces :)

Drew said...

Thank you! I needed that! I was working on the Cano wantlist on my blog, and Masterpieces was so confusing!

Drew said...

What about Red Linen and Pinot Red, Persian Blue Linen & Blue Linen, and what is Hades? Hopefully you know, that will solve this collecting chaos for me.

stusigpi said...


The ones you listed are simple to tell apart. The numbering is the give away and you can search on ebay to see the difference. I actually can't identify each color by sight.