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Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009 Topps Triple Threads baseball

I have nothing good to say about this product. If you are looking at buying packs of this take my advice and don't. Just buy the singles. See Gellman's write up at SCU. Its says it all.

Here is a break


another Here are the ebay listings. It will be interesting to see how much of a bath this guy takes. He will probably do better than most because these are some of the first singles to hit ebay. In a week or two these cards are just some of the thousands that will be competing for buyer dollars.

These are 9 and 18 box breaks at $1350 and $2750 a pop. Sure there are some nice cards, but each year is the same as the last. You might end up with $30 worth of cards for your $140 box if you buy them separately. The only way to come out is to get the case hit.

Many of you are thinking that is the way it works for most boxes, but I disagree. Every box of Exquisite has at least 1 really cool card in it, and that has been my experience with most other products as well. Yes there are other products that suck just as bad, Sterling, X, Documentary, etc, but I don't buy them either.


Anonymous said...

We just had a customer pull a 1/1 George H. W. Bush autographed triple relic (man he had some ugly ties) card.

This product might or might not deliver in every box, but customers have gotten comfortable knowing that there are some sick cards out there.

Mike Fruitman
Mike's Stadium Sportscards

thehamiltonian said...

ouldn`t touch a box, but man there are some nice singles in this product that have me very tempted to bust open the piggy bank.

stusigpi said...

Sorry Mike, no sale. The guy that tried to flip that 18 box case lost a cool $1000. These aren't "sick" hits. These are 40% loser cards that you can pick up for pennies on the dollar if you are smart enough not to buy this crap in box form. Plus, the product is trite. They are all "hits" so there is no chase.

That 1/1 GHWB card. To me its worth $40-$50, someone might even give him a $200 but what are the rest of the people that bought a box going to get? Most are going to get $30-$70 for their boxes at $140-$180 a pop.

I do agree with the hamiltonian, there are some nice cards in the set, just nothing that supports the box price.

Tim said...

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