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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Case value?

I often wonder if some people have a clue when it comes to busting cases. Triple Threads while full of sick nasty mojo hits, plain sucks. It's easy for those that don't bust cases to view a $50 card out of a $150 product and think it is a nice card because it is. For example, when I pulled my Forte and manningham SP Authentic RPA's I was pretty excited because they became part of my collection. Yes, I could have bought each card for less than a box, but its fun to open the boxes and get a nice card or two. These are $30-$60 cards so not a bad difference.

Looking at cases of Leaf Limited, I can't help but say meh. Sticker autos, shoddy condition, and the $1100 price tag does it really matter if you pull an Elway Sticker auto or sanchez/Namath sticker auto. The case hits are nice but I prefer to judge a product on an any given box format. Hence my 3 box average experiment last year. Plus this product has a major flaw. The junky crabtree letter auto. That is horrific. Compared to SP authentic, exquisite or even National Treasures, this stuff is terrible. Hopefully, Panini fixes the auto quality for NT. Here is what I am talking about.

Remember these guys are trying to flip these cases. Also consider Topps Chrome the last few years. One rookie auto per box a bunch or refractors and you can pick them up for $50. Plus you arent stuck with single color jerseys.

So where is the value with these cases?

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