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Monday, October 26, 2009

November and December Monthly Break

The November Break is 2 boxes Legendary cuts and 4 boxes Topps Chrome.

Arfmax commented that he wants to be able to vote on what to open because he wants the break to be things he wouldn't normally open. Well, I agree with him. Please comment as to what you want the December and Janaury breaks to be. Remember to keep in mind the cost and availability as well as the appeal. Topps Chrome is a popular product and that's why I picked it. The guidelines are 1 higher end product and one midrange product and please put the number of boxes.


Rod said...

nowdays I don't open any boxes so I appreciate the midrange stuff. usually the high end stuff has very few Padres. I have been satisified with what you have broken in the past. Thanks

beardy said...

Yeah, gotta agree with Rod. My only problem is that sometimes you choose products that I already have all the Orioles from (Goodwin, Chrome). That's strictly my problem though, and not something you should change the products you choose because of.

I wouldn't mind if you busted a few more products from '06-'08, since typically they're a bit cheaper.

arfmax said...

What's the total price that you are trying to be within? That would help me come up with some ideas.
BTW-I do greatly enjoy your breaks, and think you are doing a good job, just thinking about ways to improve.


stusigpi said...


I am always happy to accept comments from people on ways to improve. The total should be between $375 and $450 at the most. There shouldn't be too many cards meaning, 6 boxes of 2009 Topps jumbo wouldn't be a good fit. Not that anyone would suggest such a thing. I thought about doing another box of prime cuts and 2 boxes of 09 SP authentic. I am also thinking of doing 09 sweet spot and ultimate.

the sewingmachineguy said...

When is a good time to get in on one of these? I always seem to be late and almost all the teams are spoken for.