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Friday, October 2, 2009

Real or new twist on fakes

Consider this auction.

Notice how the auction reads "compensation card". Something doesn't quite sit right with me on this one. Check out his other cards and you will see the typical exquisite fakes and the red auto topps rookie fakes.


Alex said...

Looks like a fake to me. There was a Favre one sold by seemingly another seller - see ebay item number 180412555206. The Favre one is almost certainly fake, as the signature is wrong. Notice the break between the v and the r in the signature - Favre never signs his cards this way.

Voluntarheel said...

The manning is fake. There is no doubt. Masterpieces autos are always on card in paint pen anyway. This douche didn't have faith enough in his own handiwork that he worked with a sticker.

How does anyone fall for this crap?

Groat said...

There are always dumb people out there, but when was the last time you heard of a card company making a special one-of-a-kind card as a redemption replacement? I can't remember EVER hearing about something like that. I guess it's a better excuse than just not putting anything though.