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Monday, November 30, 2009

Time to pay up

For the December Box Breaks

December Monthly Group Breaks.

They are now open to anyone. Feel free to pick up any open teams that are not taken. You can get as many as you like.

Each slot in the baseball and football break is $17
Videos on Youtube
Non sports cards are randomed off
You get to keep your team month to month
The football will be 2006-2009 so just because you pick the falcons or Jets doesn't mean you always have a shot at Ryan or Sanchez.

Baseball Break 1
Paypal to stusigpi@hotmail

1 box 2008 Prime Cuts
2 boxes 2009 Sp Authentic

1. Atlanta Braves - Captain Canuck (paid)
2. Oakland Athletics - drauer (paid)
3. Arizona Diamondbacks -
4. Philadelphia Phillies - Arfmax (paid)
5. Pittsburgh Pirates - Clint (paid)
6. Texas Rangers - Grant (paid)
7. Kansas City Royals - Darkship (paid)
8. Baltimore Orioles - Beardy (paid)
9. San Francisco Giants - popstartled (paid)
10. Washington Nationals/Expos/Senators - Open
11. Cleveland Indians – Alex (paid)
12. Florida Marlins - PopStartled (paid)
13. St. Louis Cardinals – Red Bird (paid)
14. Seattle Mariners - Grant
15. New York Mets – D Rauer (paid)
16. Tampa Bay Rays – Grant
17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - RWH (paid)
18. Chicago White Sox - White Sox Cards (paid)
19. Toronto Blue Jays - King
20. Milwaukee Brewers - Thorzul (paid)
21. Chicago Cubs - Alex (paid)
22. Detroit Tigers - Roof God (paid)
23. Los Angeles Dodgers - Motherscratcher (paid)
24. Minnesota Twins - Gcrl (paid)
25. New York Yankees - HEB (paid)
26. Colorado Rockies - open
27. Cincinnati Reds - Alex (paid)
28. Boston Red Sox - box Opener (paid)
29. San Diego Padres - Padrographs (paid)
30. Houston Astros - darkship (paid)

Baseball Group 2
You cannot pick the same team you have in Break 1 until Monday 6 pm PST. One Team per person til then too. I am opening a second break because I get so many requests for teams that are always taken and the chances of them opening are zero. First requested in comments or email gets the team. Pay by December 1, 2009

1 box 2008 Prime Cuts
2 boxes 2009 Sweet Spot

1. Atlanta Braves - Alex (paid)
2. Oakland Athletics -
3. Arizona Diamondbacks -
4. Philadelphia Phillies - D Rauer (paid)
5. Pittsburgh Pirates - HEB(paid)
6. Texas Rangers -
7. Kansas City Royals -
8. Baltimore Orioles - DGreen (paid)
9. San Francisco Giants - wikkedwood (paid)
10. Washington Nationals/Expos/Senators -
11. Cleveland Indians – Motherscratcher (paid)
12. Florida Marlins -
13. St. Louis Cardinals – StevenK (paid)
14. Seattle Mariners - King Felix
15. New York Mets – King
16. Tampa Bay Rays –
17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - RWH (paid)
18. Chicago White Sox - Clint (paid)
19. Toronto Blue Jays -
20. Milwaukee Brewers -
21. Chicago Cubs - Darkship (paid)
22. Detroit Tigers - Sewingmachineguy (paid)
23. Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL (paid)
24. Minnesota Twins - AK (paid)
25. New York Yankees - Rich R (paid)
26. Colorado Rockies -
27. Cincinnati Reds - Drauer (paid)
28. Boston Red Sox - Red Bird (paid)
29. San Diego Padres - Rod (paid)
30. Houston Astros -

Football Monthly Break
Pick your team
First Come first served
Pay by December 1 by 9 am.

$17 per slot
4 boxes 2009 topps chrome
2 2008 Upper Deck Ultimate Boxes

1. New York Giants - Arfmax (paid)
2. Jacksonville Jaguars
3. Philadelphia Eagles - Clint (paid)
4. Miami Dolphins - Tony (paid)
5. Green Bay Packers - Clint (paid)
6. Pittsburgh Steelers - Red Bird (paid)
7. New Orleans Saints
8. Indianapolis Colts - HEB (paid)
9. Kansas City Chiefs
10. Carolina Panthers
11. Buffalo Bills
12. Denver Broncos
13. Seattle Seahawks
14. Oakland Raiders
15. Detroit Lions - Shane (paid)
16. Houston Texans
17. Arizona Cardinals - Tony (paid)
18. Atlanta Falcons
19. Cincinnati Bengals
20. Minnesota Vikings - RichR (paid)
21. Washington Redskins
22. Tennessee Titans
23. New York Jets - Chris S (paid)
24. Cleveland Browns
25. Baltimore Ravens - Beardy (paid)
26. Chicago Bears - Arfmax (paid)
27. New England Patriots - Shane (paid)
28. San Diego Chargers
29. San Francisco 49ers - John (paid)
30. St. Louis Rams
31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
32. Dallas Cowboys - Captain Canuck (paid)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sterling Anything.

Don't forget the December Breaks. The Ultimate Football and 1 box of Prime cuts are on their way. The rest will be ordered on Monday so pay up.

Question about Sterling. Other than super shiney with even shinier sticker autos, has anyone ever done well on a box break? I have watched a lot of breaks and haven't seen anything all that impressive given the cost. Especially if you are buying from a local card shop.

I was at the Shop that stole christmas this week to pick up a binder and they had 2009 Bowman Sterling Football for a kick in the junk price of $329 a box. And, And he had sold out six boxes at that price! What's the draw. I suppose, much like Triple Crap, there are some nice singles out there, but can you possibly come close to getting 1/2 your money back. Quick note. When I say get your money back, I mean how much would it have cost to get the cards you got or you wanted as opposed to how much you can actually sell a particular box for. That may seem like the same thing but its not.

The distinction is found in what cards you would have any interest in buying. For example, in many of the 08 Donruss products, the autos were of free agent rookies that frankly are worthless and you would have no interest in buying and thus would not be included in how much it would cost you to buy the cards that you got out of a box break that you actually want.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Blowout Cards Black Friday

Here is the thread link

Their site is down as of 3 am pst

Site is fine at 430 am PST

Everyone can see the Blowout Black Friday Deals on Twitter and on the threads. What do you think of them?

Now that the "deals" have been going on a while it is a bit easier to comment. The deals have been ok. Finest for $55 a box. Legendary cuts for $11.27, I picked up a Prime cuts for the break for $219. Topps Jumbo baseball $11.27. People are jumping on boxes and cases that aren't that great of a deal. 2007 Threads Football for $55 is not a great smash bang deal.

Something tells me they are going to end with a flurry though

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And now a comment on Upper Deck Black

$200+ dollars spent, $40 net in return = $160 down the toilet. Should have just got a hooker.


Searching Prime Cuts

Is anyone familiar with any methods for searching boxes of prime cuts. Are they merely resealed or is there some other method?

December Monthly Group Breaks.

Less than a week to go and we all know how that time slips by. Find the December Breaks Here.

January Baseball Breaks
2 boxes 2007 Exquisite Rookies each
3 boxes T-206 each

January Football Break
2-3(depends of price) boxes 2009 Topps Finest
2 boxes 2007 Upper Deck Premier

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Santa Gellman

After Gellman's looking excellent box break a couple weeks back, one card caught my eye. We don't get many Ducks in the NFL. Akili Smith, Joey Harrington (better QB than many give him credit for he played for the Lions for Pete's sake), Jonathan Stewart, Dennis Dixon, and the Coup de Gras Dan Fouts. There are others. Beaver Nation has two big stars in the Pros Chad Johnson, Steven Jackson and of course The Glove played in NBA.


This is a nice card. Many do not like cards of players in their college uniforms but to locals they are sometimes nice. Plus I hate the Pats so I would rather not see him in a pro uniform. Anyway, I contacted Gellman and he said if I sent him a SASE he would send it out. Thanks man. If anyone has any Duck autos they want to get rid of cheap or free let me know.

BTW, I do like the card. The sticker auto isn't the center of the card and its easily to see.

Not quite the worst break of all time

They did get a Harvin and the Manning Patch auto. This is AR Platinum's 5 Box 2009 Upper Deck Black Break.

Unless that Harvin gets $350 and the Manning gets the same...we are in Topps Triple Threads territory for bad breaks and huge losses. Expect this product to drop like a rock in box price over the next month. First, autos aren't rare anymore frankly they are a dime a dozen. Second, with crap autos in a $200 product nobody will want to take the chance. Think if someone would have dropped $400 on those first two boxes. Yikes. Third, this set has no collectible factor. Great singles to be had, but what else is there?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Upper Deck Replacement Redemption

After watching McFadden's stock plummet and waiting months for my On-card McFadden Masterpieces Auto, I requested a replacement and got this:


A sticker auto of Manning. I'm pretty happy with the card even though its a sticker.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Really Upper Deck?

So if none of these guys are on a team does it really count as a "football card" I mean, if you put me on a card, and I like football, that doesn't mean its a footabll card.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ebay down

and I can't get my collecting fix. Well, ebay is functional but none of my searches are working. Anyone else having this problem?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Best Deals going

2008/09 Murad cases for $555 at Blowout. Remember 599 Hobby cases.

2009 Topps Mayo Cases for $570. Atlanta Sports Cards has them for the same price here.

No,I am not getting anything for this. These are by far the best deals going in cards right now. Be on the lookout for cheap Football Chrome in a couple weeks.

An odd redemption card from Topps

Last November I bought 3 boxes of 07-08 Finest Basketball. These were some of the worst breaks I have ever done for the money even though I got the boxes cheap. Finest Basketball's shtick is that you get 1 rookie auto and 1 draft redemption per mini box. The problem with finest in 07-08 is that the rookie auto pulls were terrible. Boxes at a time with nothing to show for it. The worst pulls at a "rip party" were for 07-08 finest. Now that redemptions have expired prices have plummeted a la 06-07 finest. 06-07 finest is a worthwhile break regardless.

Previously I had busted a case of Murad and pulled three auto redemptions and they were not filled but replaced with spud webb and isiah thomas. I was pretty happy with those. Plus I got 3 mini boxes of Bowman Sterling. After breaking them, it is very clear why Topps had/has tons of it laying around. Fun break, but way too expensive. Anyway, I pulled a Gabe Pruitt auto redemption and redeemed it. Today I received an envelope that had this:
Brandon Roy is a Star plus he is right up the road. I didn't recognize the year but thought it may be an older card. When Upper Deck compensated me for my 2008 Masterpieces Football Case, some of the cards I received were more than 5 years old.

I looked at the back
The Copyright is 2009. Did Topps make these specifically for redemptions? It appears so. At least its not a 47th pick from 2004.

It will be interesting to see to see if Topps produced others. It is certainly cheaper to produce one replacement than the many different redemptions, especially if the auto stickers were never done. Its a good way for Topps to get rid of their store of stickers but I thought they did that with signature with their cards numbered to 8000

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Patch Porn


Not all of them are spectacular though.
For Comparison

December Monthly Group Breaks.

They are approaching quickly. There are plenty of good teams still available. If you want a team but can't pay for it till the 1st of the month, just let me know so you don't miss out. Find them here. I am also going to work on a special discount with Blowout on a baseball and a Football product to be available when I do the breaks.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Blowout Special - 2009 Topps Chrome Baseball $43.00

Find the Link here.

The price is plus shipping. Shipping for me to Oregon was quoted at less than $7. Shipping is free on orders above $99.

Not sure how many of these are going to be available. I thought it was going to be 10-12, but we will see.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why spotting fakes is a tough business and some notes

Don't forget the monthly box breaks. December signups are open and getting closer and closer.

Let me start by saying that I have no idea whether this card is fake or not. Because this is all event worn, it is possible and most likely real. The odd thing about the card is that it is /25 and has a shield on it. The card companies now know the significance of those cards, but knowing that they take the event worn to new levels. Not sure how many jerseys these guys toss off and on during an event, but if I were Panini it would be in the triple digits for the big stars.

Now to the auction, a jay cutler/manning with a shield. One would react as I did with suspicion. Then, as I always do in these cases, I looked at the guys other auctions. I was expecting to find the normal fake rookie premier topps autos, and other outrageous patches. I did not. He has a bunch of nice cards.

As more and more fakes from 2001-present find there way into the hobby, they will lose their significance. Either people will stay away from paying a ton of money for fakes or sick nasty mojo funk patches, regardless of whether they are real or not; or patches will loose their significance period. At first the two options I gave look the same, but they are not. Right now there are people that only collect logos and 3-4 color patches. If these people stop buying the questionable patches the price will drop. They haven't lost interest, just don't know what to buy and thus won't. Then you have people like me. I like 2-3 color patches, if I happen to get a logo for cheap, that's fine, but I don't care. Now that there are so many 2,3,4 color and logos out there, the supply is higher thus the premium is low if any for a 4 color or logo over a nice 2-3 color. The fakes are making the 3,4 and logos less desirable due to them being less rare rather than people consciously staying away from them.

I got a hit on my blog in the last two days where the search term was "how to make a fake patch". Not sure what the person was looking for. Whether they were trying to spot them learn how to make them. It is quite simple to do. The key is to buy an "authentic" jersey of some type. Sure it costs a lot, but there are tons of "patches" to be had. Plus the stitching will be correct. No need to do logos either. Taking a 1 color to a 3 color can increase your take quite a bit. But good god, are you really that pathetic? Why don't you hide in the bushes and try to get little kids into your van with candy or beat little kids up and take their lunch money. Its not like I wrote anything above that these losers don't already know. Are these the same guys that show up to target at opening to molest packs?

Speaking of pack searching. There are a bunch of these guys on the blow out boards. "Big walmart mojo" that starts out with "I bought 5 packs and got these 5 hits". Liars! Either they bought a bunch of packs or they played red rocket with the gravity feed box in the card aisle. What's worse is when they obviously did this at a shop with the hobby boxes. Nothing like dropping $10 a pack with no shot of a decent hit like the shop in my hood. MMMM! $40 for 20 base cards.

Personal box breaks. I commented before that I was in singles buying mode lately, which I have been. I have been a masterpiece* parallel buying fool. Fool being the operative word. One of the reasons I did that is because I have been in the middle of a job change. I am going into private practice and I couldn't do that without quitting my state job. There is an ethical rule for lawyers that you can't seek employment from someone you are litigating against. In my job with the Department of Justice, I was litigating against every firm it seemed like. I would see a good job posted and then realize I had a case with them. In a small legal market like the one I live in, that's just the way it goes. I didn't know how long it was going to take so I stopped spending $1200+ a month on wax just in case. I start my new job December 1st. Case breaks you should expect to see:

2009 Philadelphia. This stuff is cheap. Just like I like. On card with some nice hits to be had.

2009 Topps Mayo. Even though its sticker, I really like these cards. When cases hit $550, and they will, you will see me break it.

2009 Topps Finest. Nice cards this year. I agree with Gellman the patches are lame and the autos on the letters are horrible. Can't even read most of them but I like finest as a break.

Sp authentic football. I'm going to start at 2005 or so and bust a case a month up through 2009. By far the best "value" and quality balance amongst football products.

Topps Chrome - Bowman Chrome Baseball and Football 2004-present. Very inexpensive for what you get.

Topps Jumbo boxes - Try and pull some rookie premier autos.

As a general rule, Panini products are out for me. Sticker autos that will fall off in a few years? No thanks. I may pick up some basketball, but I would rather bust cases of Murad, and high end UD products.

Breaks will probably start in January.

We get it

This guy has been "selling" this card on ebay for a good year. He keeps changing the price anywhere between 1999 and 4999, yes $5k. He lists it for a 30 day buy it now and moves the price up and down. What would you pay for it?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Didn't quite sell out the case

Apparently 8 out of 12 boxes of Topps Chrome were sold.

Find the Link here.

The price is plus shipping. Shipping for me to Oregon was quoted at less than $7. Shipping is free on orders above $99.

Not sure how many of these are going to be available. I thought it was going to be 10-12, but we will see.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Wish They Were Kidding

with this auction. You can gold plate a turd, but it's still crap.

2009 Topps Chrome Baseball - Exclusive Cheap Box Price coming this morning

Find the Link here.

The price is plus shipping. Shipping for me to Oregon was quoted at less than $7. Shipping is free on orders above $99.

Not sure how many of these are going to be available. I thought it was going to be 10-12, but we will see.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let me see if I understand this correctly.

You buy a box, and this guy opens it for you on video? I'm not saying anything negative about the guy that does the break but what the hell? Why would you spend money on wax and not open it yourself? That's more than half the fun. To my knowledge its not a group break. Obviously the person running the group break has to open the packs, but why would you have someone open the whole box you bought for you. That's like going to a bar, buying a girl a drink, picking her up and then handing her over to some other dude to sleep with. What's the damn point?

Rethinking the Factory Set

I've always said that sets in which a factory set was not produced are the best investment. Look at the values of cards in the 80's. Even though there were millions of cards printed, 81 - 86 Topps Football does really well. There have been indications that factory sets were made, but I have yet to see any. With new sets they are sold everywhere. Walmart has factory sets from the last couple of years on the shelf. At $30-$50 a pop, they are a hard sell because they are merely entry level sets. Sometimes there is a mantle refractor, a cheesy worthless GU card, or a 10 card prospect set.

Today the hobby has changed. Most every set that is worth collecting has short prints and there are enough insert sets to choke a horse. These are the sets that people try and build. Ginter, Heritage and goudey stand out. It is often very difficult to build these sets because of the number of short prints.

In other words, the sets you want you can't get, the sets you can get you don't want. So I was thinking of some ideas. Don't get me wrong, Topps probably sells millions of factory sets, but they become so worthless that I was able to buy 3 2004 sets for $5 each.

Master Sets: If Topps offered master sets of each year with inserts and limited the production to 2000 sets. I'd buy one

Autographs: In 1999 Topps put a hard signed auto in every Traded Set. Maybe try something like that again. It shouldn't be an exclusive to the factory set, these should be regular issue that were put into packs. The problem with exclusives is that they either do well or fail horribly. An example of good auto exclusive would be 2009 Turkey Red Inserts that are autod and only found in factory sets. IT's a strong checklist so it might be a bit too expensive.

Game Used or Relic Cards: This is trickier but could be done in addition to the Autos. If topps put 3 GU per factory set that are also found in packs, they would sell a ton because people would try to complete their sets by ripping open factory sets. Of course topps would need to put tamper proof seals on the box and not just the cello wrapping.

Non-Traditional sets: A limited run of Goudey, Ginter, Chrome, Heritage. Limited to 500 sets or so. Make them rare enough that demand would still be there for the wax.

Maybe most of you are just set builders are heart and don't need no stinking factory sets. Maybe vending boxes or packs that don't have inserts or autos or GU so the price is less?

Just some thoughts.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I just don't bid on stuff like this

Check out these auctions. So many possible fakes here, yet these cards get bids. There are some cards that, even if they might be suspicious just aren't worth the time and effort to fake and frankly even if it is it doesn't really matter. Consider that Yount. If Thorzul buys it and the jersey is fake who cares? Thorzul just wants the card because he is a Brew Crew fan. Obviously logo patches and such that are obvious fakes aren't much fun to have in ones collection and most of the ones that are faked cost an arm and a leg. That Brandon Marshall, even if its real, looks fake. I wouldn't waste my money.

Oh and this Griffey? Really?

The lost football license

Gellman at SCU is one of those guys that thinks that the more products the better. To each his own, but I think there are too many products. Today, as everyone already knows, Topps lost its football license. A sad day indeed. I understand why the NFL people axed one of the 3 makers, but I think it was the wrong choice. The correct choice in my opinion was to simply limit the number of products a licensee can produce.

Panini has two products, National Treasures and everything else they put out. They buy foil board by the metric ton and use it in all of their products. Every year everything looks the same. Absolute Memorabilia hasn't changed ever. There is no need for AM, R & S, Threads, Certified Material, Elite, etc. Its all shit anyway, horrible sticker autos. A better alternative would have been to limit Panini to 3-4 products. Score, R $ S, LCM, and Nat Treasures.

Upper Deck is a strong producer of football. Exquisite is awesome and so is sp authentic. SPX? Sp Signature is pure shit and the rest ae just not needed. Really what's the difference between Premier and Ultimate? Upper Deck should be reduced to Base, Sp authentic and Exquisite with a fourth product like Masterpieces or some retro product.

Topps, oh Topps, pre 89 the cards were nice, simple and collectible. Then you went white board, glossy and I think I just threw up a little. Topps jumped the shark about then and hasn't attempted to do anything about it. Topps should do base, chrome, Finest and a retro product or two. Instead topps put out Bowman, topps, chrome, BoWChro, Bowster, finest, sterling, magic, Triple Shit, chicle, mayo blah blah blah

The card industry has essentially come down to who can release a product most often. That's why so many of these shops and wholesalers have cases of these products laying around is because they become old news two weeks after release. Look at the blowout boards and that becomes very obvious. Quality suffers because of it. Variety for the sake of variety is not a good thing.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is this really worth anything

So blowout announced they were selling a lot of damage boxes in a single ebay lot. The auction is found here.

I have previously criticized Blowout for attempting to create artificial demand for such things as Topps Magic by making Twitter posts saying "topps magic is going to run, just sold 6 cases" followed by jacking up the price. 2009 Topps Finest baseball was the same thing. These were obvious attempts at money grabs. Its easy to see to from the box breaks in their forums how well that works. Not at all. Prices have since come way back down. Things like 2006-08 National Treasures Football have not come back down in price but also don't seem to be selling that well. Not sure how many cases they have laying around but it seems to be quite a few. Other shenanigans include all of the "sold out from the factory" announcements they do. Lame. Who knows what goes on behing the scenes with that to make that announcement.

Regardless, I don't really see this lot being worth a whole lot. Retail boxes, damaged boxes, some loose hobby packs. Probably quite a few damaged cards. Don't get me wrong, Blowout is being completely up front with the posting and the auction is what it is, but the lot looks to be a collage of crap. Thoughts?

Real or Fake

King Felix sent me a question about this card.

The seller doesn't have any other suspicious cards like most fakers do. i.e. Rookie Premier autos and impossible patches.

Here is what I told King Felix

I can't find any info on it either. There are four possibilities. 1. It's fake. 2. It was a compensation card for something 3. It could be a preview card that the person made look like it is a regular issue. 4. It's real

I doubt it is a compensation card. It's just not that "great" of a card i.e. Tiger/Jordan to warrant Upper Deck making it. UD most likely would have just sent the person a replacement of a normal 20th card.

I think it is, at the very least, suspicious. The signature on the back does not look like his. Frankly, it looks like it was done by a child but that could be the quality of the scan. The 20th anniversary checklist http://sports.upperdeck.com/Baseball/cardset.aspx?q=5&r=1&sid=52760 shows the card issued with him with the white sox not the Mariners

It could be a promo card. Have you see those fleer cards that people are selling that were samples? The cards were made with no jersey piece and there are some low life sellers that are putting their own jersey and patches in. The card might be partially real and partially fake.

It could be real. I don't know man, if you can get it for $10-$15 it might be an interesting card to add to your collection. It's kind of like loaning money. You loan it, but don't expect to get it back.

What say you?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Group Break Cards Mailed

last night except for the Canada people.

Does anyone watch those lame ghost hunter type shows on syfy?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The worst octograph of all time

Really UD, Really? Here is the blowout break.


Wax v. Singles

It's something we all think about. Check out the posts over at Houston Card Collector.

If you are a player or team collector there is no reason to bust wax because you will end up with so many useless and unwanted cards. Cards you cannot make your money back. The hard part is actually spending $100 -$200 on singles when you can get 3-5 boxes. The draw of the wax, the thrill of the chase will often draw us in regardless.

Consider the following: This half case break of 2009 Finest Football. The guy pretty much pulled the card of the set at this point. He bought four boxes and probably paid $80 or so for them. First, let me say that I think Chrome and Finest are two products that you can come close to breaking even on a case or making a profit on. The refractors are popular, the rookies are always sought after. Second, as well as this guy did, check out this case break. The second guy did ok too because Finest is a good product.

That 4 box break of Finest makes all of us want to run out and buy as much of the stuff as we can, but if you are a sanchez collector, you are best bet is still to pony up the dough and buy all the sanchez cards you want as singles. Your odds of pulling that card were astronomical, now they are non existent. A case of Finest runs $700. How many sanchez and other rookies can you buy for that much cash? How many Sanchez's did the guy get in that 8 box case? From the scans he didn't get any. See the current auctions here and the complete auctions here.

My point is, just like Houston collector did, don't waste your time and money on wax just buy the singles. You might still come out ok with a product like finest, but what about Goodwin, triple threads, and others that have been weak breaks?

Where the issue gets murky is with collectors like me. I'm not a player collector nor a team collector. My single buying tends to be scattered. I enjoy busting wax and am usually not looking for any particular cards. Only a few times have I actually pulled a card I really really wanted. I also usually find sets I want to collect based upon my box busting. Is busting wax a waste of money? Yes, but that is how I collect. I go through single buying stages and that's what I have been doing lately. That's why you haven't seen box breaks on here lately..

Don't get me started on people that try to flip cases. Without them, we wouldn't have singles to buy. This is obvious to those of us that write these blogs and have been collecting a long time, but those beckett readers and message board posters don't seem to get it. They scream Mojo, comment nasty, and sick about every $2-5 hit they or someone else pulls.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009