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Friday, November 27, 2009

Blowout Cards Black Friday

Here is the thread link

Their site is down as of 3 am pst

Site is fine at 430 am PST

Everyone can see the Blowout Black Friday Deals on Twitter and on the threads. What do you think of them?

Now that the "deals" have been going on a while it is a bit easier to comment. The deals have been ok. Finest for $55 a box. Legendary cuts for $11.27, I picked up a Prime cuts for the break for $219. Topps Jumbo baseball $11.27. People are jumping on boxes and cases that aren't that great of a deal. 2007 Threads Football for $55 is not a great smash bang deal.

Something tells me they are going to end with a flurry though

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beardy said...

Honestly, the deals are ok, but so far no products listed that I'd actually like to buy. They were having website issues this AM, so I was unable to get in on the boxes of '07 Legendary Cuts for $11.27. So far that's the only one that has interested me.

I did pick up an '08 Masterpieces baseball retail box for $9.99.