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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is this really worth anything

So blowout announced they were selling a lot of damage boxes in a single ebay lot. The auction is found here.

I have previously criticized Blowout for attempting to create artificial demand for such things as Topps Magic by making Twitter posts saying "topps magic is going to run, just sold 6 cases" followed by jacking up the price. 2009 Topps Finest baseball was the same thing. These were obvious attempts at money grabs. Its easy to see to from the box breaks in their forums how well that works. Not at all. Prices have since come way back down. Things like 2006-08 National Treasures Football have not come back down in price but also don't seem to be selling that well. Not sure how many cases they have laying around but it seems to be quite a few. Other shenanigans include all of the "sold out from the factory" announcements they do. Lame. Who knows what goes on behing the scenes with that to make that announcement.

Regardless, I don't really see this lot being worth a whole lot. Retail boxes, damaged boxes, some loose hobby packs. Probably quite a few damaged cards. Don't get me wrong, Blowout is being completely up front with the posting and the auction is what it is, but the lot looks to be a collage of crap. Thoughts?


Captain Canuck said...

meh, it'd be good for the guy like me who likes busting wax and building sets... but over $600 for a pile of misc stuff, over half of it not interesting enough...
I'll pass, thanks

and yeah, if anyone thinks there is no collusion going on with the big wax guys... give your head a shake.

The Gooch said...

Right now the auction is up to $960. There is no way that the contents of those boxes are worth half of that. Also what do you do with the damaged cards? I wouldn't want them. I couldn't sell/trade them. And I couldn't stand to throw them away.