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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let me see if I understand this correctly.

You buy a box, and this guy opens it for you on video? I'm not saying anything negative about the guy that does the break but what the hell? Why would you spend money on wax and not open it yourself? That's more than half the fun. To my knowledge its not a group break. Obviously the person running the group break has to open the packs, but why would you have someone open the whole box you bought for you. That's like going to a bar, buying a girl a drink, picking her up and then handing her over to some other dude to sleep with. What's the damn point?


Offy said...

From what I've seen, the main point of this is to be contacted through YouTube by people who might be interested in the card.

I enjoy watching the breaks, but like you don't see the appeal in it. Heck, I buy junk wax just to open wax. I don't want anyone doing it for me.

laf said...

agreed, it is a stupid concept... and I fully agree that it misses out on half the fun!

i have watched a bunch of these and one thing that I came up with was that the people wanted a video box break and were either too lazy to do it themselves or too cheap to invest in a 30 webcam

Captain Canuck said...

and he's not the only one who does it either... there's another guy, name escapes me... but seriously, wtf?

I get jealous of jeff doing our group breaks.... I couldn't stand this.

Motherscratcher said...

Wait, so if I understand your post correctly...you're saying that you can get me chicks to sleep with?


Jeff said...

People do it because 1 they are inpateint, 2 it gets them better known on youtube (there is a huge youtube card community), 3 it gets their cards more exposure for sales/trades. Lot of people love using Chris to open things, besides he and his friends are entertaining.

Fuji said...

Personally... I'd never have someone bust my stuff for me... however... I'm so glad so many people do. Chris's videos are awesome. I can't count the amount of times, I've researched product using his videos. He's saved me a lot of money.