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Monday, November 9, 2009

The lost football license

Gellman at SCU is one of those guys that thinks that the more products the better. To each his own, but I think there are too many products. Today, as everyone already knows, Topps lost its football license. A sad day indeed. I understand why the NFL people axed one of the 3 makers, but I think it was the wrong choice. The correct choice in my opinion was to simply limit the number of products a licensee can produce.

Panini has two products, National Treasures and everything else they put out. They buy foil board by the metric ton and use it in all of their products. Every year everything looks the same. Absolute Memorabilia hasn't changed ever. There is no need for AM, R & S, Threads, Certified Material, Elite, etc. Its all shit anyway, horrible sticker autos. A better alternative would have been to limit Panini to 3-4 products. Score, R $ S, LCM, and Nat Treasures.

Upper Deck is a strong producer of football. Exquisite is awesome and so is sp authentic. SPX? Sp Signature is pure shit and the rest ae just not needed. Really what's the difference between Premier and Ultimate? Upper Deck should be reduced to Base, Sp authentic and Exquisite with a fourth product like Masterpieces or some retro product.

Topps, oh Topps, pre 89 the cards were nice, simple and collectible. Then you went white board, glossy and I think I just threw up a little. Topps jumped the shark about then and hasn't attempted to do anything about it. Topps should do base, chrome, Finest and a retro product or two. Instead topps put out Bowman, topps, chrome, BoWChro, Bowster, finest, sterling, magic, Triple Shit, chicle, mayo blah blah blah

The card industry has essentially come down to who can release a product most often. That's why so many of these shops and wholesalers have cases of these products laying around is because they become old news two weeks after release. Look at the blowout boards and that becomes very obvious. Quality suffers because of it. Variety for the sake of variety is not a good thing.

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Tim said...

I am kind of glad in a way to see them lose their license. With the way their performance as a company has sucked and now supposedly they're being investigated by the PA attorney Generals office. I don't know whats going on but I guess time will tell.