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Thursday, November 19, 2009

An odd redemption card from Topps

Last November I bought 3 boxes of 07-08 Finest Basketball. These were some of the worst breaks I have ever done for the money even though I got the boxes cheap. Finest Basketball's shtick is that you get 1 rookie auto and 1 draft redemption per mini box. The problem with finest in 07-08 is that the rookie auto pulls were terrible. Boxes at a time with nothing to show for it. The worst pulls at a "rip party" were for 07-08 finest. Now that redemptions have expired prices have plummeted a la 06-07 finest. 06-07 finest is a worthwhile break regardless.

Previously I had busted a case of Murad and pulled three auto redemptions and they were not filled but replaced with spud webb and isiah thomas. I was pretty happy with those. Plus I got 3 mini boxes of Bowman Sterling. After breaking them, it is very clear why Topps had/has tons of it laying around. Fun break, but way too expensive. Anyway, I pulled a Gabe Pruitt auto redemption and redeemed it. Today I received an envelope that had this:
Brandon Roy is a Star plus he is right up the road. I didn't recognize the year but thought it may be an older card. When Upper Deck compensated me for my 2008 Masterpieces Football Case, some of the cards I received were more than 5 years old.

I looked at the back
The Copyright is 2009. Did Topps make these specifically for redemptions? It appears so. At least its not a 47th pick from 2004.

It will be interesting to see to see if Topps produced others. It is certainly cheaper to produce one replacement than the many different redemptions, especially if the auto stickers were never done. Its a good way for Topps to get rid of their store of stickers but I thought they did that with signature with their cards numbered to 8000


beardy said...

You get Brandon Roy, and I get Greg Louganis? It hardly seems fair.

To me that is.

Nice going dude

Offy said...

Nice upgrade. Pruitt is barely getting any playing time. When Eddie House gets time as the back-up point guard ahead of you things are definitely not good.

Topps seems to have a ton of 2007-08 hoops stuff laying around. When I was talking with them about my damaged Dwayne Wade mini and what to get as a replacement I had a choice of Triple Threads, Bowman Sterling and Exquisite. The CS rep said that most people selected Triple Threads and was surprised when I actually picked Bowman Sterling. No way was it worth what it was selling for, but it was a fun break.

Anonymous said...

The same happened to me..I pulled a Gabe Pruitt redemption and received the same Brandon roy auto with the same letter as you.