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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Real or Fake

King Felix sent me a question about this card.

The seller doesn't have any other suspicious cards like most fakers do. i.e. Rookie Premier autos and impossible patches.

Here is what I told King Felix

I can't find any info on it either. There are four possibilities. 1. It's fake. 2. It was a compensation card for something 3. It could be a preview card that the person made look like it is a regular issue. 4. It's real

I doubt it is a compensation card. It's just not that "great" of a card i.e. Tiger/Jordan to warrant Upper Deck making it. UD most likely would have just sent the person a replacement of a normal 20th card.

I think it is, at the very least, suspicious. The signature on the back does not look like his. Frankly, it looks like it was done by a child but that could be the quality of the scan. The 20th anniversary checklist http://sports.upperdeck.com/Baseball/cardset.aspx?q=5&r=1&sid=52760 shows the card issued with him with the white sox not the Mariners

It could be a promo card. Have you see those fleer cards that people are selling that were samples? The cards were made with no jersey piece and there are some low life sellers that are putting their own jersey and patches in. The card might be partially real and partially fake.

It could be real. I don't know man, if you can get it for $10-$15 it might be an interesting card to add to your collection. It's kind of like loaning money. You loan it, but don't expect to get it back.

What say you?


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Well, you get at the real question: why does KF want the card? It this something he will look to flip when Jr. goes to the Hall, or is he a Jr./Mariners collector who personally wants the card? Like you said, for the right price it'd be a neat card to have, and no great loss if it's been tampered with.

BUT, I'm willing to bet there are two or more people out there who, damn the torpedoes, will run that card well out of the "neat to own" range and into the "card better be worth something" range before the auction ends.

stusigpi said...

He wants it for two reasons. Mariners fan and he is trying to complete the 20th anniversary jersey set.

I have a feeling this card will get bid up. That fake OJ Mayo Exquisite patch still sold for hundreds of dollars even though the path is verifiably fake. It went for the same as a normal one would go for.

The truly fake cards are where these guys make their money because there is no significant cost to acquire. When you buy a high end card and try to fake the patch, the underlying card still cost a fortune. Often they do not sell for too much except for the AP/Ryan/Flacco logo fakes and even those are dropping because of the number of fakes out there.

Pastor Justin said...

its a card that was given to himfor spending ridiculous amounts of money and being part of the diamond club. I wouldn't count it as part if the 20th anniversary set.