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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sterling Anything.

Don't forget the December Breaks. The Ultimate Football and 1 box of Prime cuts are on their way. The rest will be ordered on Monday so pay up.

Question about Sterling. Other than super shiney with even shinier sticker autos, has anyone ever done well on a box break? I have watched a lot of breaks and haven't seen anything all that impressive given the cost. Especially if you are buying from a local card shop.

I was at the Shop that stole christmas this week to pick up a binder and they had 2009 Bowman Sterling Football for a kick in the junk price of $329 a box. And, And he had sold out six boxes at that price! What's the draw. I suppose, much like Triple Crap, there are some nice singles out there, but can you possibly come close to getting 1/2 your money back. Quick note. When I say get your money back, I mean how much would it have cost to get the cards you got or you wanted as opposed to how much you can actually sell a particular box for. That may seem like the same thing but its not.

The distinction is found in what cards you would have any interest in buying. For example, in many of the 08 Donruss products, the autos were of free agent rookies that frankly are worthless and you would have no interest in buying and thus would not be included in how much it would cost you to buy the cards that you got out of a box break that you actually want.

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beardy said...

I've only ever busted 1 mini box (pack) of Sterling, and it was less than stellar to say the least.