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Thursday, December 31, 2009


We are travelling at ludicrous speed.

53 of 60

2008 CC8 Chad Johnson 50 Bengals
2008 CC19 Devin Hester 50 Bears
2008 CC20 Kevin O'Connell 50 Patriots
2008 CC25 Dustin Keller 50 Jets
2008 CC34 Jeremy Shockey 50 Saints
2008 CC46 Malcolm Kelly 50 Redskins
2008 CC60 Reggie Bush 50 Saints

Contrived Scarcity and lame 1/1's

This is a 1/1 Tim Duncan plain jersey for a cool $129.

Wow, that is pathetic. Even though there are billions of logomen these days that are 1/1's, at leastthey are logomen. I wonder if the guy that pulled this said one of the following:

A. Mojo!
B. Sick!
C. Sweet, it's a 1/1 and then used a lame emoticon to exclaim his psyched psyche
D. That sucks it's single color
E. A, B, and C

BigT Specials

Here's a list


12 BOX CASE: $569.95
HOBBY BOX: $47.95

12 BOX CASE: $394.95
HOBBY BOX: $32.95

12 BOX CASE: $489.95
HOBBY BOX: $41.95

12 BOX CASE: $449.95
HOBBY BOX: $39.95

16 BOX CASE: $449.95
HOBBY BOX: $29.95

10 BOX CASE: $374.95
HOBBY BOX: $37.95

20 TIN CASE: $1049.95


10 BOX CASE: $469.95
HOBBY BOX: $47.95

18 BOX CASE: $2619.95

12 BOX CASE: $1179.95
HOBBY BOX: $98.95

18 BOX CASE: $2759.95
9 BOX CASE: $1382.95
HOBBY BOX: $154.95

10 BOX CASE: $1499.95
HOBBY BOX: $154.95

HOBBY BOX: $44.95

10 BOX CASE: $1789.95
HOBBY BOX: $179395

10 BOX CASE: $1049.95
HOBBY BOX: $109.95

12 BOX CASE: $539.95
HOBBY BOX: $45.95

8 BOX CASE: $1499.95
4 BOX CASE: $756.95
HOBBY BOX: $189.95

10 BOX CASE: $1369.95

4 BOX CASE: $549.95
HOBBY BOX: $138.95


12 BOX CASE: $534.95
HOBBY BOX: $44.95

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Value Boxes - Baseball Edition

Larry asked me to post what I thought were decent deals on Baseball boxes. Baseball is so much harder than football just because the checklists seem to be weaker because there isn't a strong rookie class on a yearly basis.

2009 OPC $33 a box

No hits to speak of, but I am so sick of paying $70 to pull a single color Jared Weaver jersey. All sorts of set building possibilities here and the 76 Topps esque set design makes it a lot fo fun.

2009 Icons $52 a box. BigT has them for $51.

No set building here. Auto letters and rookie sticker autos. The legends/HOF auto letter checklist is really good and there just isn't anything comparable at this price point. These boxes often yield many more hit than promised.

2008 Goudey $42 a box at BigT

Nice auto checklist for the money especially for on card. Sport Kings autos are possible with Jordan, Tiger, etc. Too many SP's for its own good, but you might be able to trade your way to a set.

2008 Heroes Baseball $57 a box at DA, but Blowout often has them for $52-$55.

Yes these are sticker autos but the patches are nice and the checklist can't be beat in products that are twice the price. You get 3 jerseys and 1 auto per box.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One lucky SOB

Yea or Nay on the patches. Quite the operation if not.

Update *****The auctions have been taken down, but these are what he was selling********

Lots and lots of ridiculous SP Authentic Patches.

The Auto Letter Mess

In the collector community we have had many issues that have arisen. One of those is the disappearing autos from 2007 Sweet Spot.

Around the same time the auto letter cropped up. Some of the letters have nice wide letters for autos:

Then Topps tried Football Letterman with Sticker autos across the letter. These are horrific looking

but at least the auto looks ok and will look good for a while. Its quite possible Topps ditched this process due to backlash. But check this 09-10 Topps BB auto Letter:

Oy! Are these even collectible? What would you rather have: The sticker or the hard signed mess?

Good Values - Football Edition

*******Jeff of New Card Smell commented that Atlanta SportsCards has Philly at $43. I checked their website and it said $50.99.********* I always check all the sites before I post the best one I found.

I get quite a few inquiries about what products provide the best value. Here is a suggestion, and always a fun break:

2008 Heroes Football $54 a box at DA Cardworld

On average each box should contain the following:
2 Hard Signed Autographs
2 Memorabilia Cards

On average each case should contain the following:
2-3 Patch cards foil numbered to 35 or less
One 1 of 1 card
One auto-memorabilia card numbered to 20 or less

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football $45 a Box

Masterpieces gives you 1 on card auto, 2 jersey cards and a few parallels. It's a fun break.

2009 Philadelphia Football $50 a box

1 on card auto and 2 jersey cards per box. Plus one oversized card per box and one of those auto'd per case.

Both Masterpieces and Philadelphia do give you the fun of set building as well.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Worthless graded card


Actually, I kind of like it.

Gellman is raging against this Card. With the exception of it being a Beckett holder, I think the card looks pretty cool in the holder. I do agree that grading is simply a waste of time, but the holder does provide a good way to display the thing and protect it.

I'm actually curious here, how else would you display/protect a card like this?

Let me see how I did

Not well, in a good way. I picked the Cards to go 8-8 or 9-7 and it looks like they are going to end up 10-6. I just don't see them beating the Packers if the Packers play half way decent.

I said to " Expect loses in 3, 7, 9, 12, 13, and 17" They lost in 1,3,7,11,13 and we will see what happens in 17. I am actually encouraged as its obvious the Cards don't match up well against the 49ers for whatever reason, that happens.

Warner isn't at the top of the league statistically but he is 10th in yards and set to go over 4000 with a decent game in week 17. That is with missing a game too. QB's are having ridiculous stats this year too. He is 9th in Td's. 6th in completion percentage after having set a single game percentage record. He is 5th in completions. 20th in sacks taken, but his fumbles are way too high. Hopefully the Cards can sure up the O-line before the playoffs. He has had 4 shit games and 5 stellar games including games 8, 9, 10, and 12. Arguably the most important weeks of the year.

The o-line has been so inconsistent that the cards losses can be attributed not to poor defense or offense, but bad o-line play.

The D, They have stepped up indeed.

Regardless, the playoffs are all that matters.

Tough Pulls: 1991 Upper Deck Baseball

What? 1991 Upper Deck? No, I am not off my rocker. Back in 1991 the purposely shortprinted cards were making a comeback. There isn't a Nap Lajoie or a Honus Wagner amongst the bunch, but there were plenty of cards that were very tough to pull. I bought boxes of this stuff and let me tell you, anyone that says some of these cards were not tough to pull or expensive to acquire are just flat out wrong.

First up is the 1991 Upper Deck Michael Jordan card:

I don't recall how much this card sold for back in the day. Maybe $8-$15 or so? I never did pull one. My best friend at the time did. That guy pulled every sp and tough card. He had a job that he worked a ton of hours at and so he made decent coin for a high school student. I think every dollar he made went to cards. No car like me. I still don't own one of these but they only run a dollar or two on the bay, but still a damn tough pull. You have to remember that packs ran $1-$1.50 at the time and no cheaper, thus you had to pay either way, single or packs.

Nolan Ryan SP2 is next up:

I never pulled this card either. Some of you may be thinking that I must not have opened too much wax if I didn't pull any of these. Au contraire mon ami. 1991 is when my collecting was in full swing, buying 5-10 packs at a time, boxes for birthday and christmas, etc.

Hank Aaron Hologram:

The first well done hologram by Upper Deck and I did pull one eventually. Took me a hell of a lot of packs.

The Heroes Hall of Fame Series H1-H4

These are not the same as the Hank Aaron Nolan Ryan Heroes cards are far as seeding goes. Whereas those cards were 1 every 3 packs or so, these little bastards were much rarer.

Other than the obvious auto cards of the day, the cards above were tough pulls indeed. Forget about trying to complete a set of them without some serious coin outlay. I couldn't have gotten half way there with the shops or my friends.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rare set indeed, but why

Would you open the damn thing up you idiot? My favorite are the people that open factory sealed stuff to "show people what they are getting". Good job buddy.

Reader Grant writes

I was watching the Xmas story with my 5yr old daughter and when the part came on when he decodes the " be sure to drink ovaltine" came on I realized topps should inlude a FN decoder with any purchase of triple threads to decode there sickening attempt to spell out shi* with GU'S letters.

Well Played!

One of those Blogs that you should be reading

Not sure how many of the other bloggers have Nearmint's Vintage Football Blog in their blog roll, but everyone should. Very interesting stuff.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have found Gelman's Hell

It is essentially the card worlds version of Hot Chicks with Douchebags. You ever wonder who those idiots are that post the stupid shit on message boards? They are in the video. Chanting "Triple Threads" Really. For christ's sake man, get a life.

So, I'm watching Game 7 of the '65 Series

between the Dodgers and the Twins. A few observations.

The game is being called by Vin Scully, just awesome. They don't throw a new ball to the pitcher after the ball, god forbid, touches the ground. The players look like regulare people and not muscle bound freaks. Just about every person at the game has a suit on. Koufax looks like a movie star.

The vendor is selling...hats, yes hats and it looks like his business has been brisk.

The players seemed less concerned with technique and more concerned with playing. Meaning they get it done. Pet peeve of mine when I played was those guys that they looked great in practice. Did all the right things, kept their back elbow up, got in front of the ball, used two hands, etc. That's all well and good when the pitch is coming at 60 mph practice spped, the grounders are slow and you know its coming at you before its hit and the pop flys are nice and lazy, but when the pitcher is not laying up the softballs, the grounders are being ripped and the fly balls are low liners or hit into the gap and it isn't possible to use that "perfect technique" these guys were terrible. They weren't game time players. Some coaches are obsessed with technique and would rather you look good in practice then play well in a game.

Basketball and Football suffer from this more than Baseball I think. In Football these teams draft the guy that runs the 4.3 40, fits in the height weight parametersm etc. The problem is the players have an IQ of 50. They don't see the field. Urlacher, Ray Lewis, Troy P. they see the field, they don't play their positions the way the are "supposed" to, yet they are clearly 3 of the best in the game. But I digress.

There are arrows from the on Deck Circle that point to home plate. Did the people used to get lost on their way? Billy Martin argued with the umps back then too.

One last thing, after seeing Marino, Shula, LT, and Chris Berman hawking nutrisystem, it is obvious that people can never have enough money.

One more last thing. "Hot Stove" is the dumbest term ever. It's December, if you really care what is going on with baseball where you need round the clock coverage, you need to get laid more.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Drain on My Checkbook

Here is the Start:

Went to the Body Shop and they had a fire:

Got it back from the Body Shop. Today was the first time I had seen it painted. Any imperfections are not actually on the car. As much as I hate to admit it, its damn near perfect.

Tried to get the lines in this shot, not a wavey panel to be had

Merry Christmas and the results

Merry Christmas to all my readers and fellow Bloggers. Now on to the Christmas gift from the parents. My yearly Topps Factory Set:


By the way, patched things up with the brother today. Hey, it's Christmas man.

Favre and Reed have fallen - The not so Elite 8

Its getting smaller. 52 of 60

2008 CC8 Chad Johnson 50 Bengals
2008 CC19 Devin Hester 50 Bears
2008 CC20 Kevin O'Connell 50 Patriots
2008 CC25 Dustin Keller 50 Jets
2008 CC30 Greg Olsen 50 Bears
2008 CC34 Jeremy Shockey 50 Saints
2008 CC46 Malcolm Kelly 50 Redskins
2008 CC60 Reggie Bush 50 Saints

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Triple threads is still stupid

Nice Rice...not. Why guys get all warm and fuzzy in the shorts about this stuff befuddles me.

What I want to know is who greenlights this crap? Other than TTT being pure suckage but Topps making a ton o'cash off it, who approves the inability to keep letters of the same word together. In other words, why do they diecut in pairs?

Topps and Strasburg

Does anyone care? Exclusive deal, yada yada yada. Personally I think that baseball is such a bigger longshot than any other sport for any one of the top 5 picks let alone the number 1 pick, to make a difference.

As you know I am not a prospector and I think the whole thing is a big waste of time. I read the forums where guys are paying a ton for blue superfractor triple auto high school class used pencil cards from 1993 of a guy that is now a journeyman car salesman in Las Vegas. Seriously, these guys go nuts of players that are no longer playing. Kind of like going after Kenny Irons cards. Strasburg equals Van Poppel if you ask me.

By the way only 10% of the Top 20 picks from the last decade or so have been all stars

Black like...

UD Black has fallen and maybe it can get up.

Big T has it for $155 a box.

I foresee a black group break in the future.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Off Topic and Awesome

Do you trust your Uncle Joe Collector?

Sale at Da Cardworld

Da Cardworld is all about the 5% off everything.

BlOwOut clearance sale

Here are the details, hopefully they will have some good stuff

BLOWOUTCARDS would like to thank ALL of our customers for your continued support throughout 2009.  We appreciate your business and would like to wish you all a safe and Happy Holidays!
We would also like to invite all of you to take part in our BLOWOUTCARDS "End of the Year CLEARANCE".  It's just another way for us to give back and say thanks again.

-Staff at Blowoutcards


EVERY Item that is IN STOCK on our Web site will be at LEAST 5% OFF with many items 20%-30%-40% and up to 50% OFF !!  Specials will be posted throughout the Day and will last through Midnight Sunday Dec 27th EST or until we are SOLD OUT !!  There will be some UNBELIEVABLE DEALS !
Boxes...Cases...Supplies...Lots...get it ALL at BLOWOUTCARDS !!
(Excludes Presells)


Tough Pulls 1990 Pro Set Football

That's right, Pro Set. The 1989 Release was kind of cool at the time and I still like it. Sanders, Troy, and Gizmo Williams. The cards aren't worth much but the set was big and the stars were not easy pulls, but that's not what we are here for.

If any one set stands for everything that was wrong with the hobby at the time, 1990 Pro Set is a strong contender for that. Overproduced to the max, silly little errors and bad quality control. It wasn't uncommon to get a box and have half or more of the cards with roller marks on them. So you ask yourself, if this set is so overproduced then how is there a such thing as a "tough pull"

Elementary my Dear Watson The Lombarbi Trophy Hologram:

This card is hand numbered to 10,000. It has held its value quite well and was an extremely tough pull at the time. Some people bust cases looking for it just for fun because cases are so cheap. The hologram is of extremely poor quality, but the rarity is what it is. However, the Lombardi is not the only tough pull from the set.

There are multiple short prints available in packs:
Super Pro


Paul Tagliabu

Payne Stewart

How are these tough pulls when you see lots of 200, or 50 of these? Here is why. Although I do not know the insertion rate of these cards, I do know how difficult it was to pull them. I'm not proud of it, but when I was 14 I figured out, along with everyone else, that these cards were found on the front of the pack. I would go through the boxes looking for the cards and found them about 1 every 2 boxes. The Tagliabu was much more common than the Payne Stewart and I never did find a Santa or a Super Pro. I ended up with 13 Pauls and 5-6 Paynes. The Waremart, now WINCO, had 2-3 cases just sitting in an aisle. Those packs had been worked over too.

The thing was that Proset made so many cases that even if these cards were 1 per box or 1 in 2 boxes that means there are tens of thousands of these cards, but they were still tough to pull. Pro Set Collation sucked too. I was selling them for $10 a piece so others thought they were rare, but then I went into the shop with too many of them and the owner got wise. Beckett listed these for a ton too. Also, packs were .75 at the cheapest so they cost quite a bit a box at the time. In those days anything more than $16 a box was quite a bit. Back in my day movie, hair cut, and a steak...two bits.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

6 spots left 2007-2009 Football Break

Random Team Football Break
Each slot is 2 teams.
Randomly assigned.
Team trading allowed

$30 per slot

2 boxes 2009 UD Ultimate Football
1 boxes 2008 UD Premier Football
1 boxes 2007 UD Premier Football

1. Captain Canuck (paid)
2. Tony
3. Ric (paid)
4. Arfmax
5. Beardy (paid)
6. HEB
7. HEB
8. Darkship
9. Shane (paid)
10. The Mojo Hand

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tough Pulls: 1991 Donruss Elite

When 1991 rolled around, we were smack dab in the middle of the over production hey day that started in the 80's. The number of sets was exploding. Every manufacturer was in every product or coming very soon. Upper Deck had a smash hit on their hands with the autographed Reggie Jackson cards that were inserted into their high number packs and the chase was on. I believe these might be the first machine stamped serial numbered cards inserted into packs. I don't recall others and the UD Heroes autos were hand numbered.

At the time I was hunting cards like a hungry dog. I called all the convenience stores in the phone book to see "what baseball cards they carried" on a weekly basis. I knew their delivery schedules etc. I was looking for leaf, Upper Deck, Stadium Club because all of the other could be found at the precursor to Costco. I think it was called Home Club or Home Base or something to that effect.

I opened what seemed like boxes of Topps, those awful yellow fleer and the Blue and Green Series 1 and 2 Donruss cards. I learned about the possibility of pulling Elite series cards very early on that season. Finding out they were serial numbered to 10000 just boggled y mind. So rare at the time, yet I opened packs like Charlie looking for the Golden Ticket. I never did pull one. I never pulled anything super rare until it became a certainty with releases starting in 2007.

The guy that had the card shop up the street had a little brother and they also hunted the Costcoesque store. He pulled a Barry Bonds which was huge at the time. Rumors flew everywhere about how to find them and why no one could ever pull them. First, dealers were using metal detectors on their boxes and cases. The cards are pretty thick in comparison to the crappy stock that Donruss used on their release and the borders were made of metal foil.

Second, and I have seen a picture of one, some of the boxes had a big sticker on the front that announced that the box had an Elite series card in it. I don't think all of the boxes were marked this way, but as I said I did see a box with said sticker. If you have a photo or scan, please send it to me. There were no stated odds on the packs but given the number of cases produced it would not shock me to learn that these were 1 in 5-10 cases. Donruss made truckloads of this stuff and although I can't prove this, I think you could heat your house for the entire winter by burning this release in your fireplace. Even if you live in Canadia.

These cards were truly Elite, truly beautiful and when you pulled one, you knew you had something special. The checklist is quite good and the cards still have decent value. You will never hear anyone say these were an easy pull. I didn't find or read the linked post until I was almost finished with this one. I found them as I was looking for a scan or pic of the elite boxes.

Here is the checklist and some pics for your viewing pleasure.

SS: Ryne Sandberg - /5,000

Legend: Nolan Ryan - /7,500

/10000 -- That's right 10,000

1 Barry Bonds

2 George Brett

3 Jose Canseco

4 Andre Dawson

5 Doug Drabek

6 Cecil Fielder

7 Rickey Henderson

8 Matt Williams

Da cardworld 12 days of Christmas 2009 UD Baseball SP Signature Football

UD Seris 1 $37 a box

Sp Signature Football $38

Topps, Panini, and/or Upper Deck, heck even Razor and Tristar

With Mario going to the big internet in the sky, if you are looking for a Blog to sponsor or want me to open up promo boxes and run contests, just let me know. I promise at least four run on sentences per post.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trades the way they should be and some ebay

Pretty much every blogger has raged against the trading book value people. One idiot even has a website that shows off his cards and then says they are all available for book value "of course" If I recall correctly he was the guy that was getting his rocks off to some mid 80's sportsflicks. He would open up a pack and then go on and on about the $1 and $2 cards he was pulling and that he only paid $5 for the box.

Anyway, if there is a card you want and you have a card someone else wants, why not trade? Obviously you wouldn't trade and exquisite RPA for a base card or anything.

A few months ago I pulled this:
and Beardy was sad because he didn't have any cards that I wanted to trade it for. Then he pulled this:
and the trade was on. I can't tell you what the bv is on the cards, but I do know that I wanted the sproles black refractor /99 and he wanted th Flacco. So we traded and the Sproles arrived last week. Enjoy your Flacco Beardmeister, it should arrive soon.

Also in my ebay travels I picked up:
Yes I have 4 of these bad boys but this is my first true patch. The others are single color jobs much like my Boldins. Its hard to see the other color but it is patchy goodness none the less.
Picked both up for a song which is cheap because I can't sing. Now that VY is on the rise, I'm not calling it a comeback because he never left, not a bad card to have. Remember when I was a bit bummed for pulling this a couple years too late:
I was right on time and didn't even know it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 Triple Threads Auction Update

So the seller netted $433.46 on the singles from those 5 boxes of Triple Threads. Ouch man, ouch. I have nothing against the seller per se. He seems like a nice guy on the boards. Having said that, why would anyone bust triple threads and try to flip it. I would have a bit of respect for someone that is a collector and busts it for fun. The sad thing is that this guy pulled some of the "nicer" hits from the product.

I don't know how much he paid for the boxes, but Blowout sells boxes for $172. Look out below because I am going to drop the numbers on you. That's a total of $860 for a loss of $426.54 or damn near 50%. Maybe that botard from the Blowout forums can tell me that the loss isn't that bad and in fact that level of cash clawback is actually pretty good. Idiot.

For the sake of argument say the guy got them for $140 thats $700 and a loss of $273.46. Yikes. Take it from Uncle Joe Collector. Just buy singles. There are no massive dollar cards in TTT Football like their are in baseball.

First Jerseys, then autos now the logo?

Longtime reader and blog participant King Felix writes:

Hey Joecollector,

I'd like your take on this one.

I searched Ebay's completed listings for topps unique auctions. I
sorted by highest first, and was stunned to see an Ichiro Logo Unique
Relic sold for $1725.

Ichiro Logo

Then I see another 1/1 Logo for $1200.

Ichiro Logo

A poster in a forum I frequent pulled another one.

PhotoBucket Pic Ichiro Logo

Now I see another listed on Ebay which is sure to fetch vast sums of money

Ichiro Logo

[Joe Collector Note: The one above seemed to have "sold" for $2000.]

What's your take on Topps Unique having multiple 1 of 1 Logo man
cards? Are they killing the Logoman? I found a checklist from Topps,
which says there are 5 Ichiro Logo Patch cards. I just linked 4 of
them. Something I didn't like to see was the number of 1/1's some
players have. I still refuse to believe there are 13 Dontrell Willis
Logoman Tag 1/1's THIRTEEN!!! Outrageous! And he still hasn't improved
his lazy autograph.

Willis Logo

At least some players are actual 1 of 1's such as my main man Felix Hernandez.

Felix 1/1

Another curious thing I noticed is that while I have seen 4 of the 5
Ichiro's, I have only seen 1 Dontrell Willis. There are still 12
unseen 1 of 1 Masterpieces. The only difference in the cards it seems
is the color of the rainbow background. Are there even that many
colors in the rainbow? R-O-Y-G-B-I-V..nope! They are Killing The
Logoman M**o!

Joe Collector's take. Of course they are killing the logo man. Unique is a dressed up version of Moments and Milestones with contrived scarcity and BS 1/1's. Here's the deal, ever wonder why Hockey, Baseball, Football and basketball have such crazy nasty sick mojo patches? Its because the jerseys aren't hard to come by. In baseball there are probably 30 jerseys available ever year. i am estimating way low. Basketball is an 82 game season and Hockey is the same. In hockey there are patch opportunities everywhere on the jersey. The jerseys are huge too. Kobe's jerseys are like 4 feet long. My point being is that these logos are a dime a dozen for the companies to get a hold of. Also, there are logos everywhere. Hell everything the Football players where has the NFL Equipment logo on it.

Football is much more difficult to come by. Less games, jerseys are reused, etc. That is why you see so many Event worn products and the companies get away with it too. Donruss got all the Pro Bowlers to put on and take off a bunch of jerseys. They are set for a few years.

Anyway, Topps has taken advantage of this for unique and yes the logoman will soon, for current players, lose its luster. Does anyone really think that any of those jerseys are thrown away? No way. That means there will be miles of fabric and patches available and each and every little logoman will be lurking.

Unique is what it is and at least the patches are nice and the price isn't too bad. I still hate the Sticker autos, but that is Topps for you. February monthly break will feature a lot of unique so each of you will get your fill.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Group Break cards are mailed

Mailed them tonight. Beardy, your Flacco is on its way. Clint and Whitesox cards enjoy your Joe's.

Come on Man! Idiot ebayer edition

I suppose I should have known from the description that this would turn out bad. As you can see, Pujoles, Griffey, the Unit, Sutter, The Wizard, all of them were here so paying less than two bucks a card wasn't so bad.

When I got the package I knew what it was and knew I was in trouble:

Looks like the bubble mailer took some damage. Then I pulled out the sheet after noticing there was no protection:
Its as bad as it looks

The Albert:
The Unit:
Bruce! What has he done to you?

Three low numbered hall of famers were brutalized in the making of this ebay auction. Good god man, what a fucking idiot.

Here is the message I sent him:
The cards arrived today and they were mangled. Why did you ship them without some protection? You just put the sheet in the bubble mailer? No cardboard or anything? Come on man. Why would you do that? Please refund my money immediately.

Too Harsh?

Da Cardworld 12 Days of Christmas - Masterpieces Hockey $59 a box

This is a pretty good deal. 4 autos or jersy cards in these boxes..

Even if you aren't a hockey guy, this set is stuffed with big name classic autos. It is an easy set to collect too.

Football Group Break

Random Team Football Break
Each slot is 2 teams.
Randomly assigned.
Team trading allowed

$30 per slot

2 boxes 2009 UD Ultimate Football
1 boxes 2008 UD Premier Football
1 boxes 2007 UD Premier Football

1. Captain Canuck (paid)
2. Tony
3. Ric (paid)
4. Arfmax
5. Beardy
6. HEB
7. HEB
8. Darkship

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shady's back, back again, Shady's back, tell a friend

This time it's the Poojoles at $5 large.

Group Break cards

I have been slow on the draw. The cards are sorted, I just need to package them up and ship them off. I will get them shipped tomorrow evening.

Is the Sticker Auto Dead?

or just on life support. As many of you know, I don't buy high end singles. Mainly because there is no chase to it. This post isn't about bashing sticker autos per se. I know why Topps, Panini and UD use, but how much longer is it going to be viable on high end cards or any card for that matter.

Why anyone would drop more than a few bucks on a sticker auto befuddles me when there are hard signed cards to be had. Those are truly the crown jewels. As I have said before Exquisite, SPA, Rookie Premier, etc are the top of the list.

I'll just get to the point. With all the chaos that is being caused by fake autos on authentic stickers, is the Sticker auto dead? Gelman points out the cleaned and remade blue to red ink auto transformation. This would not be possible with hard signed cards, however we are still stuck with fake Rookie Premier autos. Why anyone would buy the card removed from its Topps holder is beyond me.

As I have said, maybe an invisible ink that is rolled onto the card after it is done that is visible with black light. That way if things don't match up it will be easy to tell.

As long as there are collecting morons out there the sticker auto will survive. However, to me, the sticker auto is dead. The collecting world would be better off without it too. Topps, Panini, and UD would also shorten up that scrub checklist too. Too expensive to send out those cards to everyone.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What are the Odds?

of this. The 2008 Masterpieces Football Red parallel set is a measly 86 cards and each is /199. Some of these cards I already have 4 or so of. For Example:


A truly beautiful card of Sweetness.

I finally sorted the set and am just 20 or so short of completion. I also have 50 doubles. Well I added some more. Some dude busted a case and was selling the parallels in lots. I bought 2 lots for a total of 19. There were two Jim Thorpes so only 18 of them could have gone toward my set. Guess how many of those I needed.

Go on Guess.

1 That's right 1 measly card. Son of a Bit...

It's time to play America's Favorite Game Show

How much will this guy lose?

Here is the Blowout Forum post.

Here are the auctions.

Here is where they will be when they close.

He pulled some good rookies but this stuff will sell like crapola.

Here is another Current and ended.

Autograph Printing Plates - Fakes Take a Holiday

Reader Marc writes:

Hello Joe, Maybe you can help. I have an Adrian Peterson printing plate, now the back of this card says the usual 1 of 1 printing plate but says nothing about the auto on the front. There are other donruss printing plates like this on ebay, there is a willie parker one right now. The owners say that these were special inserts in the 2008 special black boxes and donruss originally did not intend to autograph them. Is there any truth to this story or have you heard of anything? Oh and panini is of no real help, they say they bought the company after all that stuff and are not sure of anything other than the fact that the printing plates are real. thanks for any light or info on this. Marc

Normally the fact that these do not have an authenticating statement on the back would relegate these to be fakes. Like idiots that pull a scrub sticker off the card, clean it, fake it, attach it, mark it 1/1 and put it up for sale, not neccessarily in that order. The Yogi Berra card was easy to spot because of the lack of the statement on the back and the hand written 1/1.

Here is an authentic Rose:

What Marc is asking about are these:

Here is the description:
2009 Donruss Panini Black Box

This box is extremely rare and was only available to the attendees of the 2009 trade show. This product has never been available to the public.

Each box contains: one 1/1 Autograph printing plate, plus at least 3 rare autographs per box. Look for at least 5 rare/numbered cards per box as well.

The Black Box is a mix of three different products: 2008 Donruss Football, 2008 Elite Extra Baseball, and 2008 Prime Cuts Baseball.

Apparently they had them in 2007 as well:
This is an empty, pleather box from the 2007 Donruss Playoff Black Box printing plates of football trading cards.

Box is black, with a leather-like, textured surface. It has a concealed, spring invisible hinge, and silver lettering on the lid. Steel-colored, satin-lined top and bottom interior, with a cushioned pack/card recess. Interior dimensions are 4 1/8" x 4 5/8".

These boxes yield these:

and the back with no authentication

There are others as well:

The romo's have a donruss sticker at the top of the loader which would lead one to believe they are what they say they are, but others are not in the same loader with sticker. Although there are morons that will remove them from such.

Here is an unautographed one that looks like some of the claimed autos:

Same lack of authentication statement.

What say you?