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Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 Topps Triple Threads Football

What is there to say about this product? Let's see, it's $140 at least for a relic and an auto relic. It's all sticker autos. The cards don't hold their value. Oh yeah they look the same every year. Observe:




That Harvin looks horrible. Much like, but even worse than the Panini sticker autos, the sticker on TTT is the focal point of the card. The signature runs off the sticker and is basically crap. The only oncard screwups I have seen have been Marshwn Lynch and his huge messy signature and the Bubba Smith Flag auto out of UD Black.

What looks better? The Harvin or this Forte?

Brother please. The Forte beats that Harvin like a rented mule. The patches are sweet, but TTT gives you some hot single color action. I guess some people just buy products for the hell of it. Much like the "$1000 loss per case isn't so bad" guy over at the Blowout Forums. SP Authentic is $100 a box and less if you look. Shoot, 3 boxes of SP authentic v. 2 TTT. Wow, no contest.

Of course then you have no shot at the 20 1/1's per player, he White Whale Bullshit. At least with Baseball you have a shot at some Gehrig bat knob action, football, rookie auto jersey is all you have.

The other thing is that there is no rhyme or reason to the cards in this set. That's why Exquisite and Ultimate singles struggle at times is because they are not identifiable. With the exception of the RPA's in Exquisite, none of the other cards have any meaning outside of the auto or patch, whereas the RPA's they are easy to identify and people may try to put a set together, thus adding demand and value to that particular card even if it is a scrub.

I wonder if I am going to get hate mail like I did from my Heritage rant. Still a waste of money at the prices the boxes sell at.

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