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Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 Triple Threads Auction Update

So the seller netted $433.46 on the singles from those 5 boxes of Triple Threads. Ouch man, ouch. I have nothing against the seller per se. He seems like a nice guy on the boards. Having said that, why would anyone bust triple threads and try to flip it. I would have a bit of respect for someone that is a collector and busts it for fun. The sad thing is that this guy pulled some of the "nicer" hits from the product.

I don't know how much he paid for the boxes, but Blowout sells boxes for $172. Look out below because I am going to drop the numbers on you. That's a total of $860 for a loss of $426.54 or damn near 50%. Maybe that botard from the Blowout forums can tell me that the loss isn't that bad and in fact that level of cash clawback is actually pretty good. Idiot.

For the sake of argument say the guy got them for $140 thats $700 and a loss of $273.46. Yikes. Take it from Uncle Joe Collector. Just buy singles. There are no massive dollar cards in TTT Football like their are in baseball.

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