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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Auto Letter Mess

In the collector community we have had many issues that have arisen. One of those is the disappearing autos from 2007 Sweet Spot.

Around the same time the auto letter cropped up. Some of the letters have nice wide letters for autos:

Then Topps tried Football Letterman with Sticker autos across the letter. These are horrific looking

but at least the auto looks ok and will look good for a while. Its quite possible Topps ditched this process due to backlash. But check this 09-10 Topps BB auto Letter:

Oy! Are these even collectible? What would you rather have: The sticker or the hard signed mess?


Offy said...

I despise the autographs on tiny little letters. I pulled a David Price from 2009 Finest when it was the hottest card from the set and put it right up on eBay because I hated how it looked.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the card companies kill the letter-card autograph format entirely.

An acceptable alternative would be to shrink the letters to leave enough room to put the sticker with the autograph on the card itself instead of over the letter.

TJ said...

I would be so pissed if I pulled that from a pack! I mean, come on! A Sixers auto! F-ing horrible.

Seriously though. Why even bother? Couldn't someone at Topps just say "no"?

Joe S. said...

Hmmmm, tough one. I kinda like how they look when done right, but HATE when they're poorly executed. Would it really be too much to ask for a little quality control from these companies? I have a nice Phil Hughes patch auto from SP Authentic that looks kinda nice, except I can hardly read the gold ink, and if I didn't KNOW it was a Hughes autograph, I'd never be able to tell ya. I guess I'd prefer the auto on the side, but if it's a sticker auto the whole thing would seem so heartless and empty.

So keep 'em on the letter, I suppose.

Matt said...

Want to see ones worse than the Speights auto?



Atrocious. That's one thing I dislike about myself as a player collector.

TJ said...

I think those cards would be more desirable if they just left the auto off. It's almost an insult to player collectors to put out something like that.