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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Autograph Printing Plates - Fakes Take a Holiday

Reader Marc writes:

Hello Joe, Maybe you can help. I have an Adrian Peterson printing plate, now the back of this card says the usual 1 of 1 printing plate but says nothing about the auto on the front. There are other donruss printing plates like this on ebay, there is a willie parker one right now. The owners say that these were special inserts in the 2008 special black boxes and donruss originally did not intend to autograph them. Is there any truth to this story or have you heard of anything? Oh and panini is of no real help, they say they bought the company after all that stuff and are not sure of anything other than the fact that the printing plates are real. thanks for any light or info on this. Marc

Normally the fact that these do not have an authenticating statement on the back would relegate these to be fakes. Like idiots that pull a scrub sticker off the card, clean it, fake it, attach it, mark it 1/1 and put it up for sale, not neccessarily in that order. The Yogi Berra card was easy to spot because of the lack of the statement on the back and the hand written 1/1.

Here is an authentic Rose:

What Marc is asking about are these:

Here is the description:
2009 Donruss Panini Black Box

This box is extremely rare and was only available to the attendees of the 2009 trade show. This product has never been available to the public.

Each box contains: one 1/1 Autograph printing plate, plus at least 3 rare autographs per box. Look for at least 5 rare/numbered cards per box as well.

The Black Box is a mix of three different products: 2008 Donruss Football, 2008 Elite Extra Baseball, and 2008 Prime Cuts Baseball.

Apparently they had them in 2007 as well:
This is an empty, pleather box from the 2007 Donruss Playoff Black Box printing plates of football trading cards.

Box is black, with a leather-like, textured surface. It has a concealed, spring invisible hinge, and silver lettering on the lid. Steel-colored, satin-lined top and bottom interior, with a cushioned pack/card recess. Interior dimensions are 4 1/8" x 4 5/8".

These boxes yield these:

and the back with no authentication

There are others as well:

The romo's have a donruss sticker at the top of the loader which would lead one to believe they are what they say they are, but others are not in the same loader with sticker. Although there are morons that will remove them from such.

Here is an unautographed one that looks like some of the claimed autos:

Same lack of authentication statement.

What say you?

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