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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Contrived Scarcity and lame 1/1's

This is a 1/1 Tim Duncan plain jersey for a cool $129.

Wow, that is pathetic. Even though there are billions of logomen these days that are 1/1's, at leastthey are logomen. I wonder if the guy that pulled this said one of the following:

A. Mojo!
B. Sick!
C. Sweet, it's a 1/1 and then used a lame emoticon to exclaim his psyched psyche
D. That sucks it's single color
E. A, B, and C


Motherscratcher said...

Damn that's an ugly card. But, my guess is E.

fieldlevelview said...

I would have been all over D. Nothing #'d to less than 25 (maybe 50) should EVER be a single color.

Heck, I have patch cards #'d to 100 or higher.