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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DA Cardworld 12 Days of Christmas - 2009 UD Signature Basketball $32

Wow these have resulted in some shitty shitty break breaks, but there are some nice autos to be had. Either way, DA has them for $32. Buy in volume only. DO NOT BUY A SINGLE BOX. Make no mistake this is a sticker dump not seen since Topps Magic and Signature. Find all the deals Here. Of Course Blowout ahs them for $33.


Captain Canuck said...

it's basketball, not football... and yeah, it's a dump alright.

G_Moses said...

I thought about nabbing one of those, but in the end, couldn't pull the trigger on it.

Bought some other goodies instead, I'm sure I'll be better off.

stusigpi said...

More like 15-$20 bucks a box would be about right.