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Friday, December 18, 2009

First Jerseys, then autos now the logo?

Longtime reader and blog participant King Felix writes:

Hey Joecollector,

I'd like your take on this one.

I searched Ebay's completed listings for topps unique auctions. I
sorted by highest first, and was stunned to see an Ichiro Logo Unique
Relic sold for $1725.

Ichiro Logo

Then I see another 1/1 Logo for $1200.

Ichiro Logo

A poster in a forum I frequent pulled another one.

PhotoBucket Pic Ichiro Logo

Now I see another listed on Ebay which is sure to fetch vast sums of money

Ichiro Logo

[Joe Collector Note: The one above seemed to have "sold" for $2000.]

What's your take on Topps Unique having multiple 1 of 1 Logo man
cards? Are they killing the Logoman? I found a checklist from Topps,
which says there are 5 Ichiro Logo Patch cards. I just linked 4 of
them. Something I didn't like to see was the number of 1/1's some
players have. I still refuse to believe there are 13 Dontrell Willis
Logoman Tag 1/1's THIRTEEN!!! Outrageous! And he still hasn't improved
his lazy autograph.

Willis Logo

At least some players are actual 1 of 1's such as my main man Felix Hernandez.

Felix 1/1

Another curious thing I noticed is that while I have seen 4 of the 5
Ichiro's, I have only seen 1 Dontrell Willis. There are still 12
unseen 1 of 1 Masterpieces. The only difference in the cards it seems
is the color of the rainbow background. Are there even that many
colors in the rainbow? R-O-Y-G-B-I-V..nope! They are Killing The
Logoman M**o!

Joe Collector's take. Of course they are killing the logo man. Unique is a dressed up version of Moments and Milestones with contrived scarcity and BS 1/1's. Here's the deal, ever wonder why Hockey, Baseball, Football and basketball have such crazy nasty sick mojo patches? Its because the jerseys aren't hard to come by. In baseball there are probably 30 jerseys available ever year. i am estimating way low. Basketball is an 82 game season and Hockey is the same. In hockey there are patch opportunities everywhere on the jersey. The jerseys are huge too. Kobe's jerseys are like 4 feet long. My point being is that these logos are a dime a dozen for the companies to get a hold of. Also, there are logos everywhere. Hell everything the Football players where has the NFL Equipment logo on it.

Football is much more difficult to come by. Less games, jerseys are reused, etc. That is why you see so many Event worn products and the companies get away with it too. Donruss got all the Pro Bowlers to put on and take off a bunch of jerseys. They are set for a few years.

Anyway, Topps has taken advantage of this for unique and yes the logoman will soon, for current players, lose its luster. Does anyone really think that any of those jerseys are thrown away? No way. That means there will be miles of fabric and patches available and each and every little logoman will be lurking.

Unique is what it is and at least the patches are nice and the price isn't too bad. I still hate the Sticker autos, but that is Topps for you. February monthly break will feature a lot of unique so each of you will get your fill.


Jeff said...

Wish there were 13 Papelbon logomans >.>

Joe S. said...

I'd still like to pull one! I'd get it up on ebay so fast...