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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A funny thought

MotherScratcher and the Canuck commented on Timelines MSRP being $72 and how many DA cardworld sold at that price. I suspect not that many although the Blowout forum crowd often buy crap products at ridiculous prices and then pat each other on the back for $1000 loses on case breaks, Often they will exclaim "Sick break" "Nasty Patch" and "please teabag me with that Charlie Whitehurst buyback sticker auto". Then I got got thinking about UD X, Documentary, and other UD products that aren't worth the price* to ship them because of the horrific auto checklist. I thought to myself "I wonder if UD ever talked about doing pedestrian auto's" Well they have by putting people in their sets that are journeymen Single A 37 year old catchers, but I mean like pedestrian autos. Literally pulling people off the street and having them sign some cards. Topps was close with Scout autos but even those have a connection to real sports.

Then I looked at the Documentary checklist and realized they had already done that.

*Really? Is X worth Priority mail shipping? Certainly not to me.

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Motherscratcher said...

"please teabag me with that Charlie Whitehurst buyback sticker auto"


I think it was Night Owl who made a post about a scout auto a while back. The scout saw the post and had a complete melt down. He apparently couldn't wrap his brain around the fact that we'd rather, you know, pull a Pujols auto than his.

It was really great. High comedy.