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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Values - Football Edition

*******Jeff of New Card Smell commented that Atlanta SportsCards has Philly at $43. I checked their website and it said $50.99.********* I always check all the sites before I post the best one I found.

I get quite a few inquiries about what products provide the best value. Here is a suggestion, and always a fun break:

2008 Heroes Football $54 a box at DA Cardworld

On average each box should contain the following:
2 Hard Signed Autographs
2 Memorabilia Cards

On average each case should contain the following:
2-3 Patch cards foil numbered to 35 or less
One 1 of 1 card
One auto-memorabilia card numbered to 20 or less

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football $45 a Box

Masterpieces gives you 1 on card auto, 2 jersey cards and a few parallels. It's a fun break.

2009 Philadelphia Football $50 a box

1 on card auto and 2 jersey cards per box. Plus one oversized card per box and one of those auto'd per case.

Both Masterpieces and Philadelphia do give you the fun of set building as well.


Jeff said...

Philadelphia football is like 43.99 at Atlanta. Got a box arriving in a few hours, looking forward to it.

Jeff said...

Guess their sale ended already, oh well :( they had some nice deals going on

the sewingmachineguy said...

How about baseball? Thanks.