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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Trails Mario

You will certainly be missed. An interesting thing about the whole situation is how Mario ascended to the pinnacle (that one's for you) of the blog world and walked away. Stick with me here. Many of us put a ton of time into our blogs (me not so much lately) and we don't realize how much time that is and we don't realize how much time has passed. Remember this post by Mario? That's when Night Owl, myself and Matt F. came into the blogging world. I completely forget my 1 year anniversary because I hadn't realized that a year had gone by.

Anyway, I almost walked away back in March but realized how much I enjoy the blog. It is what it is. Most of us aspire to what Mario achieved. Sponsorships by all the card companies, basically busting free wax. Basketball, Hockey, Football, baseball, and 1.6 million hits, the thought boggles my mind. I couldn't imagine walking away if that happened. Maybe that's why Mario is Mario. A decision like that takes a lot of character. Sometimes when you have it all, it takes character to realize that it isn't the right thing and then walk away.

Yes Mario, that is the greatest card ever. Imagine finding 5-6 wax packs at .40 a pack and having a real shot at a $100 card? That's why the 80's rules and the 2000's drools. I never had one as a kid. Nobody I knew had one. That's why I don't like the state of the hobby these days, but I digress.

That'll do Mario, that'll do.

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