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Monday, December 14, 2009

One more thing on 2009 Topps Triple Threads

I loves me some hate mail. Listen, there are idiots that will buy this crap regardless. This stuff does not hold its value at all yet morons bust this by the pallet. It's overpriced at half the MSRP on this stuff. If you have any collecting wherewithall or smarts and want some truly nice cards in this price range either buy Topps Chrome or Finest by the case, Upper Deck SPA, Ultimate, exquisite or premier. The people that buy this pile of poo are the same people that are buying the crap that Panini puts out these days. Hmm? 3-4 boxes of chrome or TTT? 3 boxes of SPA or 2 boxes of TTT?

Panini has some nice patches indeed. Those jumbo multi color GAME WORN jobs they have are sweet, but sticker autos on their product look like absolute brown toilet trout. Condition sucks on most of their boxes and the price points aren't competitive. Go down a hit or two in your product and go on card. Valuable auto rookies that there are more than /5. Ready sport, here it comes.

1. Exquistie RPA's
2. Topps Rookie Premier
3. SPA RPA's
4. Ultimate/Premier RPA/RJA
4. Topps Finest/Chrome Rookie Autos

What do all of those have in common besides being awesome? They aren't TTT.

Topps does a fantastic job on Chrome and Finest year in year out. The Rookie Premier autos are an accomplishment for sure. Upper Deck can't be touched on Exquisite, Ultimate, Premier, SPA as long as you get a half way decent box. UD has their hits and their misses but good solid products in 08.

Panini, the auto pen is in your hand. What are you going to do keep releasing early products so the suckers buy or put out a quality product. Limited should not be sticker period.

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Gellman said...

The SPAs are usually more than the Rookie Premiere autos, and sometimes the NT autos are usually higher on the list depending on the patches.