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Saturday, December 26, 2009

So, I'm watching Game 7 of the '65 Series

between the Dodgers and the Twins. A few observations.

The game is being called by Vin Scully, just awesome. They don't throw a new ball to the pitcher after the ball, god forbid, touches the ground. The players look like regulare people and not muscle bound freaks. Just about every person at the game has a suit on. Koufax looks like a movie star.

The vendor is selling...hats, yes hats and it looks like his business has been brisk.

The players seemed less concerned with technique and more concerned with playing. Meaning they get it done. Pet peeve of mine when I played was those guys that they looked great in practice. Did all the right things, kept their back elbow up, got in front of the ball, used two hands, etc. That's all well and good when the pitch is coming at 60 mph practice spped, the grounders are slow and you know its coming at you before its hit and the pop flys are nice and lazy, but when the pitcher is not laying up the softballs, the grounders are being ripped and the fly balls are low liners or hit into the gap and it isn't possible to use that "perfect technique" these guys were terrible. They weren't game time players. Some coaches are obsessed with technique and would rather you look good in practice then play well in a game.

Basketball and Football suffer from this more than Baseball I think. In Football these teams draft the guy that runs the 4.3 40, fits in the height weight parametersm etc. The problem is the players have an IQ of 50. They don't see the field. Urlacher, Ray Lewis, Troy P. they see the field, they don't play their positions the way the are "supposed" to, yet they are clearly 3 of the best in the game. But I digress.

There are arrows from the on Deck Circle that point to home plate. Did the people used to get lost on their way? Billy Martin argued with the umps back then too.

One last thing, after seeing Marino, Shula, LT, and Chris Berman hawking nutrisystem, it is obvious that people can never have enough money.

One more last thing. "Hot Stove" is the dumbest term ever. It's December, if you really care what is going on with baseball where you need round the clock coverage, you need to get laid more.

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Collective Troll said...

DUDE!!!! I got the '65 Series on DVD and I think I have watched it like 10 times... I put it on in the background while I am studying... I would say its the best series of the 60s, but it is the only one I have ever seen... Good post and Happy Boxing Day Joe Collector!