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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Topps Lays a Brick, Upper Deck Too

After my little rant about how much I like the cardboard sets of the 80's and earlier i got to thinking that I may want to buy a few boxes of some 90's topps to give it another chance. Then I recalled a problem I ran into a few years back. I bought a pallett or so of 2000 Topps Baseball, 2000 Topps Football, 2003 Topps Football, 1992 Upper Deck baseball. Basically glossy sets of the day.

My 1992 Upper Deck Jumbo box was especially brick like. All the inserts were screwed. Basically the box was worthless. At least it was only 1 box. Well, the Topps listed above was somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 boxes. Nothing like peeling apart damn near 3 cases of cards.

Here is the Kicker. The cards were also in absolutely horrible condition otherwise. The corners were horrific, chipping, etc. on top of the gloss coming off the card. Any idea why these cards come out of the pack in such poor condition? Flimsy stock, gloss shows the dings more? What a waste of money.

The upshot is that any cards produced from 1992 on are subject to this and most likely will be a brick of uv coated foil stamped glossy mess. Did Topps or UD do any product research, development, testing before making this crap?


Laurens said...

Time doesn't seem to been kind to all the glossy cards with the foil stamping, whether it is from five, 10 or 15 years ago.

I think aesthetics and giving the buying collector a piece of cardboard that felt like it was quality was the prevailing thought of the companies - not that the cards themselves would be rotting away in unopened boxes.

stusigpi said...

It was an arms race and Stadium club arguably fired the first shot, then pinnacle, UD. The 89, 90, and 91 Upper deck don't stick together the same way. Im sure there are some glossy substances that don't stick together.

Maybe you are correct, they did not foresee unopened boxes being an issue to collectors, but teh Vintage wax market had been going on quite a while and they should have aspired to such. given the over production at that juncture maybe they just didn't care.