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Monday, December 28, 2009

Tough Pulls: 1991 Upper Deck Baseball

What? 1991 Upper Deck? No, I am not off my rocker. Back in 1991 the purposely shortprinted cards were making a comeback. There isn't a Nap Lajoie or a Honus Wagner amongst the bunch, but there were plenty of cards that were very tough to pull. I bought boxes of this stuff and let me tell you, anyone that says some of these cards were not tough to pull or expensive to acquire are just flat out wrong.

First up is the 1991 Upper Deck Michael Jordan card:

I don't recall how much this card sold for back in the day. Maybe $8-$15 or so? I never did pull one. My best friend at the time did. That guy pulled every sp and tough card. He had a job that he worked a ton of hours at and so he made decent coin for a high school student. I think every dollar he made went to cards. No car like me. I still don't own one of these but they only run a dollar or two on the bay, but still a damn tough pull. You have to remember that packs ran $1-$1.50 at the time and no cheaper, thus you had to pay either way, single or packs.

Nolan Ryan SP2 is next up:

I never pulled this card either. Some of you may be thinking that I must not have opened too much wax if I didn't pull any of these. Au contraire mon ami. 1991 is when my collecting was in full swing, buying 5-10 packs at a time, boxes for birthday and christmas, etc.

Hank Aaron Hologram:

The first well done hologram by Upper Deck and I did pull one eventually. Took me a hell of a lot of packs.

The Heroes Hall of Fame Series H1-H4

These are not the same as the Hank Aaron Nolan Ryan Heroes cards are far as seeding goes. Whereas those cards were 1 every 3 packs or so, these little bastards were much rarer.

Other than the obvious auto cards of the day, the cards above were tough pulls indeed. Forget about trying to complete a set of them without some serious coin outlay. I couldn't have gotten half way there with the shops or my friends.

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White Sox Cards said...

I was lucky enough to pull the Jordan and the Aaron. Nothing else though.