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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tough Pulls: 1992 Team Pinnacle

Now that Autographs are a dime a dozen and jerseys are essentially worthless in most cases. I want to take a look back at those cards that were tough pulls back in the day. Don't worry, I will get to them all. Over the years there have been many cards that were impossible to get SP's, inserts, what have you.

First up: 1992 Team Pinnacle. I have no idea what the insertion rate was on these, but at most these were 1 per box. That made putting a set together almost impossible given that these were $2 a pack 17 years ago. Buying boxes was a stretch back then and busting cases was unheard of for your average collector in my area. Other than dealers I didn't know anyone that had ever opened a case and I sold at shows and spent a lot of time in shops. Sure people did it, but you just didn't hear about it especially in my area. Remuember, its not like these were $2 a pack in stores and then you picked up boxes for $1 a pack. Busting cases was very expensive at the time.

These cards don't seem like a big deal these days but look at the checklist:

1. Roger Clemens/Ramon Martinez
2. Jim Abbot/Steve Avery
3. Ivan Rodriguez/Benito Santiago
4. Frank Thomas/Will Clark
5. Roberto Alomar/Ryne Sandberg
6. Matt Williams/Robin Ventura
7. Cal Ripken Jr./Barry Larkin
8. Barry Bonds/Danny Tartabull
9. Ken Griffey jr./Brett Butler
10. David Justice/Ruben Sierra
11. Rob Dibble/Dennis Eckersly
12. John Franco/Scott Radinsky

These cards feature full bleed painted players front and back and are beautiful in person. There are arguably 10 Hofers in the set and the only person that doesn't belong is Scott Radinsky. Back in the day the card companies seemed to do a better job of limiting checklists and getting them right. You can pick these cards up for very little on the bay.


the sewingmachineguy said...

I have the Bonds/Tartabull if anyone wants to deal for it.

Ben said...

I vividly remember that the odds of pulling a 1992 Team Pinnacle was 1 in 125 packs. I was at a church camp that year, and there was a shop where the kids could buy snacks and a few other things. They had 1992 Pinnacle packs. My friend bought two packs and got the Ripken/Larkin. I remember being jealous because I got a couple of dud packs.

stusigpi said...

Those are some long ass odds especially for as much as those packs cost.