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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trades the way they should be and some ebay

Pretty much every blogger has raged against the trading book value people. One idiot even has a website that shows off his cards and then says they are all available for book value "of course" If I recall correctly he was the guy that was getting his rocks off to some mid 80's sportsflicks. He would open up a pack and then go on and on about the $1 and $2 cards he was pulling and that he only paid $5 for the box.

Anyway, if there is a card you want and you have a card someone else wants, why not trade? Obviously you wouldn't trade and exquisite RPA for a base card or anything.

A few months ago I pulled this:
and Beardy was sad because he didn't have any cards that I wanted to trade it for. Then he pulled this:
and the trade was on. I can't tell you what the bv is on the cards, but I do know that I wanted the sproles black refractor /99 and he wanted th Flacco. So we traded and the Sproles arrived last week. Enjoy your Flacco Beardmeister, it should arrive soon.

Also in my ebay travels I picked up:
Yes I have 4 of these bad boys but this is my first true patch. The others are single color jobs much like my Boldins. Its hard to see the other color but it is patchy goodness none the less.
Picked both up for a song which is cheap because I can't sing. Now that VY is on the rise, I'm not calling it a comeback because he never left, not a bad card to have. Remember when I was a bit bummed for pulling this a couple years too late:
I was right on time and didn't even know it.


beardy said...

Glad to see the Sproles completed it's cross country journey successfully. I can't hardly wait to get my hands on that Flacco. It's an on-card thing of beauty!

The Mojo Hand said...

Last time I checked this country operated on a failed monetary system. Book value, and Ebay work hand in hand. One depreciates the other, and so on, and so on. What really matters is what the card is worth to you, and what you feel like paying for it, because their is no true book value, or any value in this days economy.

Its all in illusion.

Nice Flacco by the way, and if its possible I would like to get in on the $30 Exq. Break. I can pay in full today.