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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Value Boxes - Baseball Edition

Larry asked me to post what I thought were decent deals on Baseball boxes. Baseball is so much harder than football just because the checklists seem to be weaker because there isn't a strong rookie class on a yearly basis.

2009 OPC $33 a box

No hits to speak of, but I am so sick of paying $70 to pull a single color Jared Weaver jersey. All sorts of set building possibilities here and the 76 Topps esque set design makes it a lot fo fun.

2009 Icons $52 a box. BigT has them for $51.

No set building here. Auto letters and rookie sticker autos. The legends/HOF auto letter checklist is really good and there just isn't anything comparable at this price point. These boxes often yield many more hit than promised.

2008 Goudey $42 a box at BigT

Nice auto checklist for the money especially for on card. Sport Kings autos are possible with Jordan, Tiger, etc. Too many SP's for its own good, but you might be able to trade your way to a set.

2008 Heroes Baseball $57 a box at DA, but Blowout often has them for $52-$55.

Yes these are sticker autos but the patches are nice and the checklist can't be beat in products that are twice the price. You get 3 jerseys and 1 auto per box.


the sewingmachineguy said...

Cool. Thanks for this. Peace.

Offy said...

It might be time to finally pick up some OPC. This is right about the right price for this stuff with how they packed it out.