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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What are the Odds?

of this. The 2008 Masterpieces Football Red parallel set is a measly 86 cards and each is /199. Some of these cards I already have 4 or so of. For Example:


A truly beautiful card of Sweetness.

I finally sorted the set and am just 20 or so short of completion. I also have 50 doubles. Well I added some more. Some dude busted a case and was selling the parallels in lots. I bought 2 lots for a total of 19. There were two Jim Thorpes so only 18 of them could have gone toward my set. Guess how many of those I needed.

Go on Guess.

1 That's right 1 measly card. Son of a Bit...

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Jeff said...

I should only need 12 black borders for my 08 baseball set once your lot arrives, busting 10 boxes over holidays. Gonna guess I'll still need 10+ after.