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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another card that's been making the rounds

This Tom Bready Patch.
Good god this thing has been listed over and over and over again. Let me see, a brady RC or this monstrosity? Tough call.

2009 Ultimate Baseball Group Break

All the people that are looking at my Blog on Sunday January 31, if you are thinking about getting in on the Group Break, you might want to do it know. I get about 225 unique hits on Monday and a lot of those are from people that don't look at the blog on the weekends. Also, people get paid tomorrow and will be jumping in then. Just sayin.

3 spots left - 2009 Upper Deck Ultimate 5 box Group Break

Find it here

Off Topic - Careful who you listen to

This topic is about cars. I'll just say I know a lot about cars. I grew up poor, so we always drove a crappy car and thus my dad was always working on them trying to keep them running. My dad is as mechanically inclined as it gets and luckily I got my dad's mechanical ability and my mom's analytical ability.

It wasn't uncommon up until 1970 or so to buy a car and the damn thing just didn't work, the epitomy of a Piece of Shit. Things got better in those years from 1971- 1985 but it still happened. Problems decreased significantly from then on.

Today there are still lemons out there. A car that just doesn't work, it happens. No one can figure out why the damn thing won't run right it just doesn't. Here's the thing about mechanics. Its in input/output system. It can be complicated, you might not understand it, but when something does or doesn't work, there is a reason.

As many of you might have picked up from my blog, I also worked for Gateway Computers for a couple of years. I did sales/tech support and let me tell you, explaining the above to a high school drop out house mom from Springfield, OR was quite the task.

This morning, although its afternoon for you east coaster, I found this article. Notice the second car down is an SX4 Crossover. Yeah, that's what I drive. Ready for a little more digression?

When I got done with college in 1998, I was driving and 89 s-10 blazer 4x4 with 150K on it. Conventional wisdom is that chevy's are/were crap? Simply not true. I can still list all the problems I had with that car. At 120K miles a $12 frame mount needed to be replaced, the starter went out twice at 130K and 140K, the replacement had to have been defective, the battery cable had to be replaced at 135k. At 130k front end parts needed to be replaced after I hit a monster West Virginia Pot Hole. The windshield wipe switch went out at 135k and a $7 light switch and bracket needed replaced. Some would see that as a laundry list of problems for the car. Look at the mileage, its called maintanance.

My next car was a 1998 dodge neon that I still see around town 7 years after I traded it away. Problematic car, you might think so, but no. At 98k the air conditioner compressor went out and at 105k the timing belt shredded at 65 miles an hour and bent all my valves etc? Problematic car? No. Here's what happened, turned out that I had taken my car in at 104k to have it looked at because there was a noise coming from the engine. The repair shop said it was nothing to worry about. Turned out the water pump was going out at 104k and then froze up a few days later causing the belt to shred. Again, maintanance. Parts on cars fail sometimes, especially higher mileage cars.

I got that fixed and didn't have any more trouble for a year and a half and traded it on a 2003 dodge neon. I had that car for 4 1/2 years, put 70k on it and had no problems except for someone broke out my windshield and the car was hit three times, oil changes and a set of tires is all I did to that car.

Now I have a 2008 Suzuki SX4 Crossover. 24,500 miles over two years old. Oil changes and that's it. What the hell is the article talking about it you don't need the AWD you should get a different car. No shit sherlock. Ya think? Hey if you don't need to haul big trailers around you should get something other than a semi.

You see, the article did nothing but pick 5 cars from lower on the intelichoice list and then suggested cars that were higher on the list, yet there is no analysis as to why a car may be better or worse. The chevy aveo? Yeah, you can get one of those for next to nothing, the option packages are often better than a lot of the cars they suggested. Would I buy an aveo? No, doesn't fit my needs. Would I buy a Versa? Hell no.

Back to my SX4. The Honda Fit, Really. If these jerkoffs had actually driven a fit and then an SX4 they would know that they are not in the same class. 4 wheel disk 16 inch wheels standard? I didn't think so. The SX4 has 26 more HP. You might notice a slight difference between 117 HP and 143. Idiots. Sx4 warranty 7yr/100,000, Fit 3yr/36,000. Hmmm? AWD vs. No AWD?

The SX4 is built like a brick, in a good way, so when the honda fit has slid off the road, be sure to flag me down and I'll give you a ride to get some help. The good news is you will have 10 cup holders to hold the cups you have to pee in when you are stuck.

The problem is that these people are bean counters, they don't drive the cars, they know nothing about the cars, they are too busy on their knees with Honda/Toyota/Nissan's nuts on their chin. I think these are the same people that say the corvette is a piece of crap and the GM should scrap it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Warner walks away

Nothing much to say other than you couldn't write a better story. Well that's not true, they would have won the Super Bowl last year if it was a work of fiction.

I know there are some people that don't like him although I can't be sure why. Maybe its those pedigree snobs. You know those people, you aren't from the right family, didn't grow up in the right neighborhood, don't go to the right parties.

Whatever it is, those aren't people that I care to associate with. ITs easy to look at things retrospectively and see how "easy" it was. Sure it was, the man toiled and toiled. Cut, and thrown in the trash bin, to super bowl MVP, thrown back in the trash bin and a play away from the top again. Was anyone really rooting against Warner? Steeler fans get a pass. If you dislike is religious activities, that's cool, I get it.

On tho the Hall of Fame. Child Please. Really? If you say no, are you just mad or insecure about your favorite player not getting in? Just watch the video.

The man took the Rams and the Cardinals, the fucking arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl. Really? The only QB that compares to that is Fran.

Frankly Warner made me want to watch Football, just like Favre does. Just like Randy Johnson made me want to watch Baseball. See all of you in 5 Years.

That'll do Kurt.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beaker is that you?


As many of you know I need the Chad "The Ocho" Cinco, Jeremy Shockey and Reggie Bush 2008 Masterpieces Patches /50. If you can find one for me, I will make it worth your time. Ebay doesn't count. So call your friends, neighbors, or whatever and get back to me.

Email me at jldoveror@yahoo.com.

Masterpieces Case cards

will go out this evening. Sorry for the delay.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Kevin Boy, your patch your patch was calling

I need Ocho, Shockey and Bush

Oh Kevin boy, the patch, the patches are calling
From bid to bid, and down the want list
The season's gone, and all the products are dying
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must buy.
But come ye back when seasons's in the middle
Or when the field's full and white with snow
'Tis I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Kevin boy, oh Kevin boy, I needed your patch so.

And if you come, when all the buyers are buying
And I am busy, and unable to bid as I may be
You'll come and find the place where my sniper program is lying
And it will do all the bidding for me.

And I shall win you, tho' soft you thread above me
And all my dreams will warm and sweeter be
If you'll not fail to make it to me
My set will closer be.

O'Connell has joined the ranks. In the auction title, the seller assures me that the patch is in fact "sick", but we will wait and see. This is the first one of these that I have seen available and my fellow set collector wannabe bid the thing up way too high. No Soup For You!

Orange County Sportscards - Super Bowl Promotion

Check out their blog here.

The site is here. Its pretty good. I would hawk Blowouts, but theirs is well known enough.

You are welcome for the traffic guys.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Greg Oden Naked pics

If you want to see them, here is a link.

Stop Hestering me

Just paid a few more dollars for a Hester 3 color patch than I needed to, but whatever. The Final 4

Shockey - Seen once
Ocho Cinco - Never seen
Bush- Seen once
O'Connell - Currently available.

The Sports Trade Conference in Vegas

Kind of in my area, that's about the time I go to vegas, but I don't think I can swing the $300 to get in. Anybody got a discount ticket?

Check out my Cards comes through

Giving me a refund and apparently they are going to check their stock to verify the parallels are labeled correctly.

Even Check out my Cards doesn't know the difference

Almost everyone knows of my Masterpieces obsession/quest/lunacy/set collecting. Anyway as part of that, I have had to deal with Upper Deck inexplicably making two parallel sets almost the same as the other with a subtle difference.

In 2007 the serious black and black linen were both numbered out of 99. Here is the difference:

Here is the black:
Even from this angle it is tough to see:
Linen on the right, Serious Black on the Left.

and the green:
Green: Two Matsuis seemingly the same.
close inspection shows the difference.
Note the textured finish on the frame to the right. That is the Linen version, whereas the non textured is the Windsor. After sorting my cards it appears the windsor are 2-1 more common.

Anyway, after my epic score on Check out my cards of some of the Windsors I needed for my set I was super excited. I am getting really close to that set and to the Linen set as well. My excitement was dashed when I discovered that they sent me the Linens instead. I don't think they made a simple shipping error, I think they actually don't know the difference.

Duane from his democratic roadkill blog has been running into this problem as well. BTW D, thanks for the cards and help the man out with his Allen and Ginter Project.

Too many ebay sellers are labeling these cards incorrectly, seems it would be helpful to figure out the difference before you sell these, especially a place like COMC. The good thing is that the linens are rarer and one was a Dice-K and one was a Pujoles.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Got $5k

Needless to say you can have this for $5k? Needless to say this guy is an idiot. Needless to say, Douche!

Another one bites the Dust-

in Keller. See what I did there. Another on bites the Dust-in Keller. So anyway, the first Dustin Keller Masterpieces patch /50 came up for sale a few days back. A nice two color patch. Well somebody decided they are going to build the set too, good luck with that buddy, and paid $18 plus shipped.

Another one came up for sale and I snagged it. Awesome! Fo dollar shipped y'all!

I still need
The Ocho

5 to go.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bidding war or Shill Bidding?

There are often allegation of shill bidding, but how can you really tell whether shill bidding has occured? Take a look at this auction result. Those are weird increases in bid price on a card that doesn't see a whole lot of action normally. Anyway, I noticed that this occurs on cards where the owner would most likely be upset that their case hit could possibly go for $3.

What say you?

The Masterpieces Case

yielded at least six base sets. I am going to mail the cards out this week.

Sorta off topic- Google searches

One of my areas of practice is doing OSHA law. Its a pretty narrow area and not many attorneys are experienced in it. So I searched on google for Osha lawyers oregon and I am on page 4 or something of the searches.

When I type in masterpieces baseball or masterpieces football, I am number 2 ahead of Upper Deck for Christ's sake. My firm's website gets a bunch of hits, pays for clicks through advertising as well, yet my little blog that started with nonsense posts and has continued the tradition ranks way higher in searches.

BTW www.Harrislawsite.com is my firm's site. No picture of me though. They don't want me to scare off any potential clients.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Color Parallel Want list

70, 86

Red 104 of 120

Blue /125 73 of 120

Brown /100 58 of 120


Green /75 42 of 120

Friday, January 22, 2010

A collection o'pujoles

Check it out y'all.

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Red Parallel Wantlist


The correct answer is...

Subtotal $71.01 USD
Shipping and handling $13.25 USD
Total $84.26 USD

Sp Authentic Break is Filled!

I'll let you know when to pay.

My CheckoutmyCards purchase

Care to venture a guess what my total was. Shipping was $13.25.

269808 2007 UD Masterpieces Hades #84 - Andy LaRoche/50
322759 2007 UD Masterpieces Blue Steel #63 - Stephen Drew/50
329346 2007 UD Masterpieces Deep Blue Linen #28 - Kei Igawa/75
561920 2007 UD Masterpieces Deep Blue Linen #64 - Jered Weaver/75
569386 2007 UD Masterpieces Black Linen #57 - Victor Martinez/99
569464 2007 UD Masterpieces Blue Steel #50 - Carlos Beltran/50
641778 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Brown 99 #63 - Jerome Simpson/99
655709 2007 UD Masterpieces Hades #48 - Randy Johnson/50
655714 2007 UD Masterpieces Deep Blue Linen #60 - Bruce Sutter/75
877397 2007 UD Masterpieces Windsor Green #49 - Albert Pujols
877415 2007 UD Masterpieces Windsor Green #27 - Daisuke Matsuzaka
877428 2007 UD Masterpieces Windsor Green #6 - Kirk Gibson
914503 2007 UD Masterpieces Black Linen #28 - Kei Igawa/99
982881 2007 UD Masterpieces Pinot Red #28 - Kei Igawa/75
1044490 2008 Topps Mayo #3 - LenDale White SP
1081860 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Brown 99 #36 - Dexter Jackson/99
1081866 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Red 199 #60 - Malcolm Kelly/199
1089690 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Blue 150 #24 - Donovan McNabb/150
1089693 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Blue 50 #77 - Billy Sims/50
1109410 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Red #20 - Carlos Zambrano
1203597 2007 UD Masterpieces Deep Blue Linen #24 - Jackie Robinson/75
1203599 2007 UD Masterpieces Deep Blue Linen #81 - Chris Chambliss/75
1203601 2007 UD Masterpieces Deep Blue Linen #78 - Tom Glavine/75
1203602 2007 UD Masterpieces Deep Blue Linen #57 - Victor Martinez/75
1203603 2007 UD Masterpieces Serious Black #21 - Walter Johnson/99
1203604 2007 UD Masterpieces Serious Black #81 - Chris Chambliss/99
1203605 2007 UD Masterpieces Black Linen #23 - Roy Campanella/99
1203608 2007 UD Masterpieces Black Linen #24 - Jackie Robinson/99
1203621 2007 UD Masterpieces Windsor Green #28 - Kei Igawa
1203624 2007 UD Masterpieces Windsor Green #60 - Bruce Sutter
1274614 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Blue 125 #118 - Bob Gibson/125
1282333 2008 Topps Mayo #107 - Jeremy Shockey SP
1319652 2008 Topps Mayo #314 - Kurt Warner SP
1388283 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Brown 99 #62 - Marvin Harrison/99
1396822 2007 UD Masterpieces Deep Blue Linen #44 - Hideki Matsui/75
1458600 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Blue 125 #33 - Asdrubal Cabrera/125
1500250 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Blue 125 #90 - Ryan Zimmerman/125
1514235 2007 UD Masterpieces Deep Blue Linen #48 - Randy Johnson/75
1514243 2007 UD Masterpieces Blue Steel #48 - Randy Johnson/50
1514311 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Blue 125 #18 - Alfonso Soriano/125
1566749 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Brown 100 #46 - Robin Yount/100
1616632 2008 UD Masterpieces Framed Green 75 #70 - Jimmy Rollins/75

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Masterpieces Case Break Scans

Here it is
16 Red Parallels, I needed 4 for my set (3 for each participant)
64 Black parallels (16 for each participant)
16 jerseys (4 per participant)
12 autos (3 per person)
A boatload of YSL cards

Please send updated wantlists to me.


I am really psyched about the Frank Thomas

Masterpieces Case is Busted

The case is busted and I will have scans up tonight late. I am off to a reception. We got a complete set of SP's. Nice jerseys, the patch auto sucked big time.

Dos spotos left in the Sp Authentic Break

Two spots. You know you want to.

Do people do this

Comment I found on the UD Message Board:

Aloha everyone. Dude sorry that you are disappointed, But i haven't seen any Youtube videos as of yet of these '09 UD Black cards yet. But remember, There are some people out there(And i am not insinuating that this guy is doing so) that open boxes before they are recorded and they take out the big hits and reseal the wrapper then put it back in the box and then record the video, I have heard some stories about this things happening. I heard about this one where this guy who was doing a live case break and when he was busting the packs and he had pulled a big hit and little boy's(assuming his son) voice could be heard saying oh we missed that one when we were looking through them earlier. So that is why Group Breaks are iffy because of those facts that were previously stated. I have been waiting for the '09 UD Black to come out and i just love the looks of the cards, So i guess the only way to find out is to break some myself. Have a good one, Mahalo & GOD bless.

Do people really do this?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fake Ebay Seller

Credit goes to Gellman on this one, I am just trying to get the word out because my blog shows up in searches. queencity-sportscards is a fake ebay patch auto autograph seller fake psa fake BGS scam

The situation

on the Masterpieces Football Case Group Break

So Alex and Ric have both emailed me about the final spot. Ric wants me to get him a packer auto, which I can do out of my own collection So who wants it?

2008 Football 4 slots $75 a person
1. Captain Canuck
2. Darkship
3. Grant
4. Alex? Ric?
5. Me $300

Here are the rules:
2008 Masterpieces Football Case

Each slot gets a share of all base cards, all shortprints, and all black framed autos (except 1), all jerseys and black framed parallels and all of the red framed parallels that I don't need for my set. The four participants would get 1 red framed auto /10 of my choice to be randomed. You would get any printing plates.

Eseentially each participant gets:
4 Time Warps
8 Painted rookies (I can probably get you a whole set of these from my doubles)
7 Jerseys
4 autos
20 black parallels
4-5 Red Parallels

I would get all of the numbered parallels(except reds), both patches and 1 of the red autos of my choice. I would also get 1 of the black framed autos of my choice.

Topps actually celebrates

players signing stickers.

No more mailed payments

Sorry guys and gals, but due to recent events, no more mailed payments for group breaks. Paypal only. If you want to mail cash, that's fine, but you assume the risk, send it with delivery confirmation in a padded mailer.

Redemptions that Bug me, is Upper Deck asleep at the wheel?

Has anyone received their bug redemptions yet?
2009 MLB GOODWIN CHAMPIONS -Entomology Cards Due to government regulations on shipping organic materials, these items can only be shipped within the United States. Customers redeeming these cards outside the USA will need to request a comparable replacement by contacting time2swap@upperdeck.com Check back for more details. 10/2/2009

What the hell? Almost four months later and nothing?

and it gets better. Over a year ago, I got 2 Kurt Russell letter redemptions, one auto. I redeemed them. After some months I asked for a replacement. That was almost 3 months ago.

9/27/2008 KURT RUSSELL

9/27/2008 KURT RUSSELL

11/5/2008 KURT RUSSELL

Still Dancing for my dinner

For the Upper Deck Masterpieces Football group Case break.

2008 Football 4 slots $75 a person
1. Captain Canuck
2. Darkship
3. Grant
5. Me $300

Here are the rules:
2008 Masterpieces Football Case

Each slot gets a share of all base cards, all shortprints, and all black framed autos (except 1), all jerseys and black framed parallels and all of the red framed parallels that I don't need for my set. The four participants would get 1 red framed auto /10 of my choice to be randomed. You would get any printing plates.

Eseentially each participant gets:
4 Time Warps
8 Painted rookies (I can probably get you a whole set of these from my doubles)
7 Jerseys
4 autos
20 black parallels
4-5 Red Parallels

I would get all of the numbered parallels(except reds), both patches and 1 of the red autos of my choice. I would also get 1 of the black framed autos of my choice.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Group Break cards are mailed.

Ebay Username?


So you want to run a group break

Many Moons ago, I saw other sites running group breaks and wanted to be cool like them and put one on myself. Then I had the not so brilliant idea of the 2009 Finest Case Break (something I will do this year too with 2010). Although this post may seem negative, trust me, if you ever do a group break this is probably how you will see it.

First, The key is to find a product that people want to open and at a price that makes it worth their while. That's why UD Black doesn' work. 4 cards for $160 bucks makes each slot $45 or so. Takes a lot of people to do a break of Black. You also have to pick a product that balances price with likelihood of good cards. 2007 Ultimate Football is a waste because of no hits. 2007 Exquisite Baseball has lots of potential.

Second, you have to correctly price the thing. Paypal fees, shipping, the product. I don't know how many times I have had the price shift on me after I have opened a break and started taking money. Paypal and shipping fees can set you back $5 a slot.

Third, you have to fill the damn thing up. With as many hits as I get on my site (200+ these days, but at the time 100 on a good day) I didn't think I would have a problem filling the break up. I mean come on, its Finest and for less than the cost of a mini box the participants had a shot at a couple mini boxes worth of hits and a handful of refractors. For some reason, the break filled up slowly and then went off like gang busters with a couple days to go.

Fourth, you have to actually get the product. Ugh! I have been left scrambling when a certain seller didn't actually ship me a product, or the availability goes to shit on you and you have to acquire the boxes from multiple sources. Oh, and product delays.

Fifth, opening the stuff on camera. Seems simple, but trust me, its a pain in the ass. The focus doesn't work quite right, the computer stops recording in the middle of the break. The lighting isn't right for some reason.

Sixth, processing and uploading the videos. Can be 2 hours

Seventh, sorting the cards. The Jumbo boxes of 09 Topps were a pain. Way too many cards to be efficient. Sometimes it takes an hour or two to get them sorted. I stopped keeping track because I enjoy doing it and if I don't want to do it then I need to either shut up about it or end the breaks. Hence my highend/mid mix approach. Some months it works better than others.

Eighth, Packaging. I have had 1 complaint of damaged cards and I arrived at my current method of toploaders for some cards, penny sleeves, blanks, team bags and Bubble mailers. Usually takes me an hour to get the cards packaged for shipping, sometimes more with doing 2 baseball and 1 football.

Ninth, shipping the cards. If you count the number of participants I currently have, that's the number of packages I have to ship. I figured out that if I go to the Post Office at night, I get the APC all to myself, it prints the labels for me and I have to fill out the address. You guessed it, another hour or so. The sorting and shipping are often daunting. With the Finest break, I was freaked out thinking I was going to screw the whole thing up. I don't think I have ever shipped the wrong cards, but my day will come.

Tenth, complaints. The complaints I get are usually having to do with "I didn't get a hit" "Why do the Yankees and BoSox cost the same as the Rockies?" "You need to pick better Products". I read each an every comment and email I get on anything related to the blog. I appreciate the good with the bad and I think some of the complaints are just people venting when they know I don't have any control over the outcome. Take this month for example. Twins, BrewCrew, O's, Fish, etc got the hits. Frankly, the Yanks do get a lot of cards, but they haven't gotten any big dollar hits. The best hits we have had have been White Sox, Dodgers, and Tigers. It's funny, if you get a chance to, look back at the hits we have pulled. Rockies, Dbacks, A's, Indians, etc.

With as many months as I have been doing the Baseball breaks I think they have gone pretty well. I'm not sure how much longer I will continue with them and I do see the break going back down to a single break in a month or two. I really do enjoy doing them and as always if anyone has any ideas or products they want to see done then let me know.

Look for a monthly 08-09-10 High end football break coming as soon as Sp Authentic, exquisite and and Ultimate are released.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Group Break cards are

Packaged up and will be mailed tomorrow. I will mail the Canadia cards on Tuesday and Fatheritcher will get his Box he won in our bet as soon as the 2010's are released.

Do some people

Read the auctions they post?

Still No Checklist

With less than 10 days until release, 2009 SP Authentic Football still doesn't have a checklist. This begs the question of whether the product is packed out yet. I don't know anything about the process and from some of the boxes I have opened, Upper Deck may be in the same boat. Also with the timing of the product, many rookies may not have signed or returned their cards.

Something tells me we might be seeing the release pushed to February.

Come On! One More Person.

For the Upper Deck Masterpieces Football group Case break.

2008 Football 4 slots $75 a person
1. Captain Canuck
2. Darkship
3. Grant
5. Me $300

Here are the rules:
2008 Masterpieces Football Case

Each slot gets a share of all base cards, all shortprints, and all black framed autos (except 1), all jerseys and black framed parallels and all of the red framed parallels that I don't need for my set. The four participants would get 1 red framed auto /10 of my choice to be randomed. You would get any printing plates.

Eseentially each participant gets:
4 Time Warps
8 Painted rookies (I can probably get you a whole set of these from my doubles)
7 Jerseys
4 autos
20 black parallels
4-5 Red Parallels

I would get all of the numbered parallels(except reds), both patches and 1 of the red autos of my choice. I would also get 1 of the black framed autos of my choice.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adventures in Ebay Buying

Ironic or coincidental? I'm going to go with irony.

I have had a nasty cold the last few days and today is by far the middle of the worst. Anyway, I was getting ready to watch the Cards get mauled by the Saints when the doorbell rang. It was the mail lady.

She says: I'm not sure what you want me to do with this

I ask: What's that?

She says: I have this envelope that is postage due. You see they sent this in an envelope that is not thick enough for delivery confirmation and the only way for me to give it to you is if you pay the $3.69 postage due, the difference between what they paid and priority mail.

I said: Send it back.

The irony is that they thought they were saving money by sending it in a PLAIN WHITE ENVELOPE and its going to cost them more than if they would have just sent it in bubble mailer.

A new wrinkle in "fake autos"

Check out the Title. The card has been labled a "player issue" card. What does that mean? That means that these cards were actually printed for the player to have, as Gellman has pointed out hundreds of times, thats where the fake rookie premier autos were coming from. Edit: as well as possibly being printed by others.

The auto here is still probably fake, but at least the card is being marked as player issue.

Friday, January 15, 2010

2 more slots

Its amazing how much more quickly baseball breaks fill up than Football. I have 2 open slots in the 2008 Masterpieces Football Case Break.

2008 Football 4 slots $75 a person
1. Captain Canuck
2. Darkship
5. Me $300

Here are the rules:
2008 Masterpieces Football Case

Each slot gets a share of all base cards, all shortprints, and all black framed autos (except 1), all jerseys and black framed parallels and all of the red framed parallels that I don't need for my set. The four participants would get 1 red framed auto /10 of my choice to be randomed. You would get any printing plates.

Eseentially each participant gets:
4 Time Warps
8 Painted rookies
7 Jerseys
3 possibly 4 autos
20 black parallels
4-5 Red Parallels

I would get all of the numbered parallels(except reds), both patches and 1 of the red autos of my choice. I would also get 1 of the black framed autos of my choice.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

For a limited time only

you can have the Puholes for 9 LARGE. He will probably change the price in the next day or two, so it might be less when you click on it.

Why the difference in retailers?

Blowout has the most extensive outreach program. Message Boards, advertising on blogs, huge promotions, sponsorships, post 100 times a day on Twitter, etc. Also Chris is all about customer service

DA Cardworld, once my favorite and go to retailer has a blog they post on once a moon, no sponsorship that I am aware of, no message boards, they do have a facebook page, but overall DA doesn't do a whole lot. I have gotten great customer service from Da with the exception of 1 time.

Big T sportscards. Big seller on Ebay that actually has the stones to post actual auctions of cases rather than overpriced BIN crap that most have. No message boards, no sponsorship, no nothing. Fast shipping, in other words they get the stuff into UPS's hands fast but it still takes 7 months by wagon to get to Oregon

Atlanta Sports Cards: Josh gives quick service, and Atlanta has started message boards that are kind of catching on. Not much else than that. Shipping takes forever to the West Coast. Atlanta uses Twistter, sponsors FCB if I recall but no blog outreach

Pgh Wholesale: Who? Exactly, but decent prices.

Orange County Sports Cards: Good sale, No promotion and I happened upon their site by pure accident

So why the difference? Enjoy the traffic.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Running the Other Way - In Color!

Hey Buddy! Open up your knowledge basket.

Okay, for every 100 people chasing such guys as Early Doucett, although we all know that all your Early Doucett belongs to me, there is someone like me that has a clue. Check out this guys stats:

Stats Overview Rushing Receiving Fumbles
2008 --- 238 -976 --4.1 - 61 - 8 -- 39 - 286 -7.3 - -27 - - 0 -- 2 -- 1
2009 --- 217 -747 --3.4 - 31 - 4 -- 41 - 415 -10.1- -63 --- 1 -- 3 -- 2
Career-- 455 -1723 -3.8 - 50 - 12- 80 - 701 -8.8 - -63 - - 1 -- 5 -- 3

Here's the deal with his stats, 16 games in 2008 and 13 in 2009 due to injury. Pretty versatile back when he is getting that many carries. After his injury, his cards took a huge dive. So what did I do? I went out and found sme cheap cards.

OMG! 4/10 EBAY 1/1! It's numbered to the only number visable on his jersey! Big Mojo Hit!LOLZ!
$12.53 shipped. I don't think you can get 3 packs for that at a shop.

$7.75 shipped. So for less than the price of a box, I got 2 case hits of a guy with a ton of upside.

Running the other way

I previously commented on my hatred of people that follow the market. Those morons are currently on Ebay purchasing Chris Johnson RPA's and such as we speak. SOme people will get decent deals due to the volume available on line, however many of these are going to be bid the hell up. When I get home tonight I will post my personal contrast purchases that will illustrate my point.

Here is a little tip from your Uncle Joe Collector because he cares: In a week or two compare Blake Griffin cards to what they sold for at the beginning of the season. Then do me a favor and compare prices in a week or two to what they will be at the beginning of NEXT Season. The next couple of weeks may be the time to buy.

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Case Break

Will occur on January 20th or 22nd. The case was shipped today and will get here on the 20th or 21st. I have an event I have to go to on the 21st.

1971 Topps Football Rack Pack

$450. What the hell could possibly be in there?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New SP Authentic Patch Project Blog

Here we go.

2008 Masterpieces Football Group Case Break

2008 Football 4 slots $83 a person
1. Captain Canuck
2. Darkship
5. Me $300

Here are the rules:
2008 Masterpieces Football Case

Same as above except $300 and you would get all base cards, shortprints, and black framed autos (except 1) and red framed parallels that I don't need for my set. You would get 1 red framed auto /10 of my choice. You would get any printing plates.

I would get all of the numbered parallels(except reds), the patches and 1 of the red autos of my choice. I would also get 1 of the black framed autos of my choice.

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Case is ordered.

Should be here in 8-12 days. Seriously, it takes a good 7 days once UPS gets their hands on it.

January T-206 Group Break

Here they are:

Break 1
The Two minis on the left are /99 cycles

Break 2

The mini at the bottom is a cycle

January 2 Boxes 2007 Premier Football Break

Here is the video

Here is the Randomizer

Here are the Scans

Monday, January 11, 2010

January Exquisite Baseball Break

Man you Midwesterners and East Coasters are up late. You should see my hit count.

Premier Break will be up tomorrow morning 10 am PST. T-206 evening. I have to get them sorted before i put up the scans and such. I have also opened up a second 2008 Masterpieces Baseball Case Break.

Break 1 Box
The Redemption goes to King Felix - The video didn't turn out for some reason.

Break 2 Box

Second 2008 Masterpieces Baseball Case Break

Sign up now
Slots are $63
Rules can be found here.

5. Me ($225)

Break is done

Scans up tonight probably and Videos tomorrow night.

Breaks were good, I think. Ultimate Football was decent.

Pulled a Cobb Relic for Break 2

Good hits in T206 So far

Read the title, nothine spectacular. But Canuck gets a Plate, Beardy gets an auto, Pop startled gets an auto. Twins, Yanks get hits, pulled a Wright Silk.

Anyone interested

in a Topps Tribute slot break?

Masterpieces Break is once again


Here is the lineup:
2008 Baseball 4 slots $63 a slot
1. MotherScratcher
2. OregonShane
3. Beardy (paid)
4. Drauer (paid)
5. Me $225

Pay up!

Actually there is still one spot left

in the masterpieces case break. People keep telling me they are in and then backing out. No worries, I get it.

Masterpieces Case Break

is full. Pay it up $63 each to Stusigpi@hotmail.com Everyone involved needs to send me their Masterpieces Baseball Wantlists. Thanks

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Janaury 2008 Upper Deck Premier Football Box Break

Blowout always gives great service and will really work with you. Chris always does whatever he can to help me out.

The Triple Patch will be randomed after the other breaks so I can do them all at the same time:

Another Big Pull

Its not Ryan or Flacco, but another big pull from the 08 Premier Box. Video and scan up tomorrow morning.

January Break will occur

hopefully tomorrow night. As I said in an earlier post, with shipping schedules it would be as late as the 11th.

Here's why. New Years eve everyone was closed, I actually placed the order a week ago at it takes 7 days by UPS Ground to reach my house.

1 spot left in 2008 Masterpieces Baseball Case Break

Find it here.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 slots left for 2008 Masterpieces case break

Find the Break and details here.

Indecent Proposals ****update****

****Update**** If 3-4 people want to get together and buy the half of the case. That's cool too. If 4 people wanted to do it $63 a person would net you roughly 3-4 autos, 4 jerseys and a bunch of parallels, YSL, SP's and basecards.

2008 Baseball 4 slots $63 a slot
1. MotherScratcher
2. OregonShane
3. Beardy
4. Drauer
5. Me $225

2008 Football 4 slots $83 a person
1. Captain Canuck
2. Darkship
5. Me $300

Case breaking is the best way to acquire large amounts of shortprints, build sets and get hits including the case hits. The problem for me is I end up with a ton of cards I don't need.

This is just a thought. I see lots of people that pay a ton for shipping on singles of the black framed, autos and such when they could save themselves time and possibly some money.

Here are a couple proposals:

1 case 2008 Masterpieces Baseball: for $235 you would get all of the basecards and shortprints, Yankees Stadium Legacy Cards (these sell shockingly well), black framed and red framed except for any that I might need for my set, which is few. You would get all of the jerseys and all of the black framed autos. You would also get any printing plates.

I would keep all of the numbered parallels, the YSL jersey card (if there was one), and any jersey/auto, patch, or patch/auto.

This offer is available to as many people that would be interested. At first blush it may seem odd, but I don't have any interest in the jersey cards and the autos I have most of them.

If two people wanted to do it, $120 per person and I would randomly split everything down the middle between the two of you.

2008 Masterpieces Football Case

Same as above except $300 and you would get all base cards, shortprints, and black framed autos (except 1) and red framed parallels that I don't need for my set. You would get 1 red framed auto /10 of my choice. You would get any printing plates.

I would get all of the numbered parallels(except reds), the patches and 1 of the red autos of my choice. I would also get 1 of the black framed autos of my choice.

Is this unreasonable?

So, I'm watching Game 5 of the '86 NLCS

Nolan Ryan v. Gooden

It's an overcast October New York day, the box seats are really empty.

Baseabll players are still thin and look like regular people. Wally Backman is sporting a terrific stache. Nolan has struck out the first two batter looking. A stat pops up that says that Ryan has struck out 15 batter 27 times......second to Randy Johnson.

The Camera is offset to the right side and Ryan looks like he is standing on the plate. The Umps still have those suit jackets on. I think they need to bring those back.

Keith Hernandez is a star period. Hofer..no, Star yes

MLB TV needs to get over the Hot Stove thing. Again, too much analysis for January.

Mike Scott being accused of scuffing the ball, I'm surprised that by now they don't make the pitchers pitch with perfectly smooth balls, no stitching.

Yogi Berra is stone cold chillin in the Stros dugout.

For some reason I find this 24 year old replay more exciting than today's games. Not sure why that is. Maybe because players move around too much? Maybe bacause now they look like they spend more time in the weight room or the buffet line?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Really Upper Deck?

Surely this is a sign that the cut auto is done. No disrespect to Wax Pack Relapse who pulled this card, but really?

An Aurelio Rodriguez cut auto? First they the fact that someone put Aurelio Rodgriguez in their checklist. Second, they cut up a 1981 Topps card. Third, its a cut auto of fucking Aurelio Rodriguez. Man I'd be pissed.

Even better, with Yankees big and bold on the card, he is quietly listed as a Tiger at the top. Does Upper Deck talk much with Topps' nuts on their chin?

A big ol' FU to buyers?

I don't sell on ebay. Ebay is a magnet for two things, shitty buyers and shitty sellers. People that I have traded with or sold to through my blog have been great. I had one complaint from Box Opener on some cards that he got from a group break and then I sent Arfmax's cards to the wrong address. I tracked down Arfmax's package and got it to him and then worked it out with Box Opener.

Everyone I have bought from on the Blowout Forums have been great too. First of all, it is easy to tell the idiots on the board. Those Mojo sick nasty patch guys that want 3 times for a card what it costs on the bay. Sorry pal, your cards aren't gold and I don't care how much "off book" it is.

Anyway, ebay has those bidders that bid on everything in site, over extend themselves and then they can't pay, or the guys that are always trying to extort sellers. I'll leave you negative feedback unless you give me free cards or free shipping.

On to the buyers. People that gouge shipping costs, or always list their cards way too high and then you make a reasonable offer and they are offended and bitch you out. The sellers that list their cards as mint or nrmint and the cards show up ExMt or worse, especially on high end.

I was cruising the blowout forums because I'm a happenin guy with a lot going on and ran across this thread.

I suggest reading the thread and the subject's My ebay page. Anyway, the long and short of it is that this buyer spells out what he expects on his my ebay page. Make no mistake, this guy is a jerk about the whole thing, but is he really that wrong? Yet the posters rage against this guy like he clubs baby seals and puts Gem Mt 1950's topps high numbers in his bicycle spokes.

As a buyer, the seller is taking a big chance by shipping cards in snap cases. If you are a seller just buy correct sleeves and toploaders. Snap cases and other cases other than toploaders and the magnetic cases with the corner recesses wreak havoc on corners. Nothing like the card bouncing around in their as it tours our great country, and Canada too.

Pretty much everything the guy talks about in his my ebay page I have dealt with over and over again and frankly it pisses me off. The aforemention snap cases and plastic "box" card cases. A lot of these cards are very low numbered and ruining the card in shipping because you are stupid bugs me. Oh and not taping the toploaders shut? Really? Not sure how many cards I have fished out of the bubble mailer that have been separated from their plastic case.

Sellers not sending me an invoice for days at a time. I do disagree with the one toploader one card, it doesn't bother me and it has never caused a problem.

The posters sound like sellers that just do whatever they damn well please and could care less whether the card will arrive damage. I guarantee that unless the whole package is destroyed, if you follow this guys instructions the cards will not be damaged in shipping.

Updated - January Monthly Box Break

With Shipping schedules breaks could occur as late as the 11th. I am hoping to do them no later than the 8th.

1 box 2007 Exquisite
2 boxes 2009 T-206

$15 per slot
Paypal to Stusigpi@hotmail.com

1. Atlanta Braves - Captain Canuck (paid)
2. Oakland Athletics - drauer (paid)
3. Arizona Diamondbacks -
4. Philadelphia Phillies - Arfmax (paid)
5. Pittsburgh Pirates - Clint (paid)
6. Texas Rangers - Grant (paid)
7. Kansas City Royals - Darkship (paid)
8. Baltimore Orioles - Beardy (paid)
9. San Francisco Giants - popstartled (paid)
10. Washington Nationals/Expos/Senators - Open
11. Cleveland Indians – Alex (paid)
12. Florida Marlins - PopStartled (paid)
13. St. Louis Cardinals – Red Bird (paid)
14. Seattle Mariners - Grant (paid)
15. New York Mets – D Rauer (paid)
16. Tampa Bay Rays – Grant (paid)
17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - RWH (paid)
18. Chicago White Sox - White Sox Cards (paid)
19. Toronto Blue Jays - King
20. Milwaukee Brewers - Thorzul (paid)
21. Chicago Cubs - Alex (paid)
22. Detroit Tigers - Roof God (paid)
23. Los Angeles Dodgers - Motherscratcher (paid)
24. Minnesota Twins - Gcrl (paid)
25. New York Yankees - HEB (paid)
26. Colorado Rockies - open
27. Cincinnati Reds - Alex (paid)
28. Boston Red Sox - Thoughts and Sox (paid)
29. San Diego Padres - Padrographs (paid)
30. Houston Astros - darkship (paid)

Price 15.75 a team
1 box 2007 Exquisite
2 boxes 2009 T-206

1. Atlanta Braves - Alex (paid)
2. Oakland Athletics - Beardy (paid)
3. Arizona Diamondbacks - Clint (paid)
4. Philadelphia Phillies - D Rauer(paid)
5. Pittsburgh Pirates - HEB (paid)
6. Texas Rangers - Play at the Plate
7. Kansas City Royals - TraderCrack
8. Baltimore Orioles - DGreen (paid)
9. San Francisco Giants - TraderCrack
10. Washington Nationals/Expos/Senators -
11. Cleveland Indians – Motherscratcher (paid)
12. Florida Marlins - WickedOrtega (paid)
13. St. Louis Cardinals – StevenK (paid)
14. Seattle Mariners - King Felix
15. New York Mets – Slangon (paid)
16. Tampa Bay Rays – Paul (paid)
17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - RWH (paid)
18. Chicago White Sox - Clint (paid)
19. Toronto Blue Jays - King
20. Milwaukee Brewers - Ric (paid)
21. Chicago Cubs - Darkship (paid)
22. Detroit Tigers - Sewingmachineguy (paid)
23. Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL (paid)
24. Minnesota Twins - AK (paid)
25. New York Yankees - Rich R (paid)
26. Colorado Rockies -
27. Cincinnati Reds - Drauer (paid)
28. Boston Red Sox - Red Bird (paid)
29. San Diego Padres - Rod (paid)
30. Houston Astros - Houston collector aka fieldlevelview

Random Team Football Break
Each slot is 2 teams.
Randomly assigned.
Team trading allowed

$30 per slot

************2 boxes 2009 UD Ultimate Football - Pushed to February Look For it in an upcoming break.***********

1 boxes 2008 UD Premier Football
2 boxes 2007 UD Premier Football

1. Captain Canuck (paid)
2. Tony (paid)
3. Ric (paid)
4. Arfmax (paid)
5. Beardy (paid)
6. HEB (paid)
7. HEB (paid)
8. Darkship (paid)
9. Shane (paid)
10. The Mojo Hand (paid)
11. Clint (paid)
12. Red Bird (paid)

January Football Break Randomization

Trading is allowed until Sunday at Noon. Comment the trade and the other person confirm in the comments.

1.Green Bay Packers - Red Bird
2.New York Jets - HEB
3.Miami Dolphins - IAMJC
4.Kansas City Chiefs - The Mojo Hand
5.St. Louis Rams - Arfmax
6.Baltimore Ravens - Beardy
7.Cincinnati Bengals - Ric
8.Cleveland Browns - HEB
9.Detroit Lions - Red Bird
10.Seattle Seahawks - HEB
11.Washington Redskins - SHane
12.Oakland Raiders - Arfmax
13.Buffalo Bills - Beardy
14.Atlanta Falcons - IAMJC
15.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - IAMJC
16.New England Patriots - HEB
17.Minnesota Vikings - Capatain Canuck
18.San Diego Chargers - Darkship
19.Arizona Cardinals - IAMJC
20.Carolina Panthers - Shane
21.Tennessee Titans - Clint
22.Dallas Cowboys - Darkship
23.New York Giants - Tony
24.Houston Texans - IAMJC
25.Pittsburgh Steelers - Captain Canuck
26.Indianapolis Colts - IAMJC
27.San Francisco 49ers - The Mojo Hand
28.Philadelphia Eagles - IAMJC
29.Denver Broncos - IAMJC
30.Chicago Bears - Ric
31.New Orleans Saints - Tony
32.Jacksonville Jaguars - Clint

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Topic is Feedback

of the Ebay variety and of the what to do variety.

Here's the issue. I bought an item just before Christmas. Within a day the seller is sending me requests for feedback on both items. Two days later more emails requesting feedback. Then the day I received the items two more emails. How do you deal with these.

Second issue. Seller mislabels some cards in an auction. In fact he mislabeled the green windsor and green linen 07 masterpieces parallels. Most people just label them as "green". This guy actually labeled them specifically and did it incorrectly. Turns out the lots were mixed lots. Anyway, I bought a ton of lots from this guy. I let him know and his answer was to basically ship back all the cards at my own expense and he would return my money. Is that reasonable?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My input on the HOF

In response to this post I posted this as a comment:

As many of us, and others, have stated ad nauseam, the hall of fame voters obviously do not like, nor know anything about Baseball. Players must be considered in context. Pitchers should be considered in two distinct groups: starters and relief pitchers.

Position players should be considered at their respective positions in context of when they played, and their respective status in the game.

To illustrate my point, it's the Robert Horry argument in the NBA. Not an MJ, not Bird, not Magic, but in 16 years he won 7 titles and hit some huge, huge, let me say it again huge shots. For Pete's sake his nick name is Big Shot Rob. Anyway, is he a hall of famer? I say yes. As silly as that sounds, its the hall of fame, not the Hall of Stats. Even if it is the Hall of Stats, many players such as Tram and Sweet Lou deserve to be in. Often referred to as the greatest double play combo of all time. Hence the Fame aspect is met.

Many people believe that no one that played after their precious Golden Age deserves to be in. The Wall of Nostalgia keeps a lot of players out. The fact that anyone argues against Jim Rice, Andre Dawson, Lee Smith, Dale Murphy, etc proves my point. If these guys don't deserve to be in then who since 1975 does?

I tend to work on an era theory. Who were the 10 most dominant players for any particular 5 year period works well. For example, look at the league leaders from 1981-1985. The names will probably surprise you and you will see them on the lists over and over and over again.

Apparenlty there is some sort of collective amnesia on behalf of voters and the media. It would be cool to see aggregate rolling 5 year stat leaders. Batting average, HR, and RBI would shock quite a few people.

Not sure if I have made any sense but my point is, its the Hall of Fame not stats and it doesn't get much more famous than Tram to Sweet Lou. Even if it is the HOS many of these players deserve to be in. What I want to know is how is Steve Garvey not in the HOF?

The Hawk in the Hall

Make no mistake about it, I am stoked. I hear some rumblings that he doesn't deserve it. The guy has 1 knock, his BA.

BTW check out the vote percentages. Which writers didn't vote for Rickey Henderson, Cal, Tony, Brett, Nolan, Mike Schmidt, etc. They should have their vote revoked for that Bullshit.

Rockin the rock

in the Parking Lot

Really? No better background than the parking lot? In, I presume, Cleveland...in the winter time?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I see this as just above a common

Although the seller would disagree with me. Kind of interesting that Topps was derided for Moments and Milestones contrived scarcity parallel badness, and rightfully so while Upper Deck was pulling this crap. I think UD killed the 1/1 or maybe Upper Deck stabbed it while Topps lit it on fire.

Randy Johnson Retires

It's true. It's a little sad for me actually because The unit is one of the few players from my childhood that was still playing. Griffey Jr. is the last I suppose and this will be his final year if he plays it out. Maybe Moyer?

Johnson came up with the Expos and was then traded to the Mariners. My friend Robert Rose, the guy with all the luck when getting cards, was a huge Randy Johnson fan. I kind of blew it off, but one thing was undeniable, Johnson had a hell of a strikeout pitch. He would whip his long arm with his 6'10" frame and the batter, especially left handers had no idea what was coming and no shot of hitting it.

As it turned out Robert was right on and the unit became, arguably, the most dominant pitcher in baseball. He will be a first ballot hall of famer if there is any justice. Frankly, he should be a unanimous selection, but he won't be because of some idiot that thinks that no one should go in that way.

He had an embarassingly good 1999-2002 where he averaged about 354 K's went 81-27. If you toss in the last half of 1998, he went 91-28. He is a 5 time Cy Young (4 in a row) and 10 time all star. He finished 2nd in the Cy voting 3 times.

I don't think there is anyone that things Randy was a roider which brings up an interesting question for the roid supporters out there: What would The Unit have done if he wasn't competing against roided up hitters. Easy you say, everyone was pitching against roided up hitters. Not so fast chief, what if other pitchers weren't using roids. I'm looking at you Roger. Roider Clemens beat out Johnson twice for the Cy. BTW, anyone that says that roids are ok. I've got a message. F U!

Anyway, Robert and I spent a lot of summers watching and talking about Johnson. You knew him when you saw him, always fun to watch, and his Rookies were easy to come buy. The year he struck out 300, Robert lost his mind. The year he went 18-2 and won his first Cy young after losing to Roger McDowell a couple years before.

I was glad I got to see him pitch the perfect game, albeit on TV. Honestly I'm not sure who was more feared in their prime, him or Nolan.

I haven't seen Robert in 13 years and have no idea where he is at but I know he probably feels the same way that I do about hearing the news. Anyway, without being too sentimental, thanks Randy.

Leftover teams for Group Break

First Come first served for $10 a team.

Last call on Group Breaks

Find them Here.

What a difference a day makes

Psychology, boredom, whatever it is, a day makes a difference.

Consider the following two cards:
We welcomed Malcolm into the fold last night
He is a no nonsense two color patch /50. He is respectable, straight forward, and presents himself well.

Malcolm's slightly more attractive, yet less focused three color brother from the same mother showed up today.
This one is all sorts of complicated with 90 degree angles and some rough edges on those breaks.

Which one cost more? Duh. I wouldn't be asking the question if it was obvious. The two color cost $11.59 last night and the three color cost $5.90 this evening.

There are some obvious other differences. The three color is from Canadia, thus it is tainted. The second, yet related, is that the guy spelled color wrong. I mean colour? Really? How uneducated can you get? My favourite teacher once said spelling is everthing. Third, the auction ended on Sunday and everyone was jacked up because of the last day of football season.

Uncle Joe Collector's moral of the story is that it is fine to watch a card that is ending on Saturday or Sunday, but try to find one that ends during the week. Especially at rush hour.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tough Pulls: 1993 Topps Stadium Club First Day Production

Back in 1991 when Topps introduced Stadium Club, nothing was hotter. Those bad boys were pulling in $5 a pack easy. Great photography, nice card stock, glossy uv coating foil stamped madness. By 1993 things had changed. Bowman had become a premium set as of 1992 and Finest was in the pipeline. We hadn't quite headed to the land of insert in every pack hell, but we were getting there.

Enter the First Day Production. Arguably a precursor to the full blown serial numbering and paralleling of every card, the "First Day Production" was a parallel set that was meant to make a certain number of cards special by showing they were printed the first day. There was Topps Gold in 1992, but that's for another day. The cards were inserted 1 per box meaning that it would take 750 boxes to put together a set if you didn't pull any doubles. That would only cost roughly $30k to complete a set. These cards can be found for little of nothing these days, but I have never heard of one of these sets being put together. Interesting project none the less.

That is why these are a tough pull, there was no cheap way around getting one and with the volume it took to pull a particular card, it was damn near impossible to find the card you were looking for. Also, Stadium club was not a product that everyone opened. It was still $40+ a box and many people stuck with base Topps in those days. Most shops I knew got less than a case of it because the distributors made you jump through hoops to get the stuff. Thus in pre-ebay days, the card you were looking for was a long shot at best. These cards weren't featured in shops like Donruss Elite singles so that made it even tougher.



4 Spots left Football Break

Each slot is $30
Everything on Youtube
2 random teams per slot
Paypal to Stusigpi@hotmail.com

1 boxes 2008 UD Premier Football
2 boxes 2007 UD Premier Football

1. Captain Canuck (paid)
2. Tony
3. Ric (paid)
4. Arfmax (paid)
5. Beardy (paid)
6. HEB (paid)
7. HEB (paid)
8. Darkship (paid)
9. Shane (paid)
10. The Mojo Hand
11. Clint (paid)
12. Red Bird (paid)

New Internet Seller - Orange County Sportscards

Ok, maybe they aren't new but I had never heard of them. Great prices and they are having a hell of a sale right now. Free shipping with order $150 plus. BTW, why do internet sellers do their free shipping through UPS and not USPS. UPS ground takes a week and USPS takes 3-4 days at most.

By the way OCS, you are welcome. It amuses me when I link to a site and I see that they have gotten 50-100 hits off my post and then there is a hit on my site from the Admin of the site. They are probably thinking WTF did this guy write about me.

If you want to work out a deal with me, let me know. I do lots of box breaks and need a constant place to get them.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hi, my name is Malcolm

and I'm a two color patch:

Hi Malcolm, and Welcome.

2008 CC8 Chad Johnson 50 Bengals
2008 CC19 Devin Hester 50 Bears
2008 CC20 Kevin O'Connell 50 Patriots
2008 CC25 Dustin Keller 50 Jets
2008 CC34 Jeremy Shockey 50 Saints
2008 CC60 Reggie Bush 50 Saints

Idiot buyers that chase the market

"I just scheduled 15 auctions to capitalize on the beginning of the playoffs after tomorrow's games. Here comes the money!"
- Adam Gellman

It happens in every market where there is speculation. Idiots that are constantly chasing, or better yet following the market in the worst way. I cannot count how many postings there are "WTB Aaron Rodgers Autos". Why would anyone be looking to buy right now. Even if the Packers win the Super Bowl and he is named SB MVP, his cards can't get a whole lot hotter and more expensive than they are right now.

Unless you are Don West, how can anyone encourage someone to buy some of these guys right now? Favre, Manning, Rodgers, etc.

Why am I so upset about this? I am pissed because they fuck up the market for the rest of us that are trying to complete sets. Especially when it is an /200 or lower card.

Well then Joe Collector, when is the best time to buy? About 2 months after the person has failed at living up to the possibility or 5 months after they have achieved it. All of the suckers have been cleared out by then. Don't believe me? When was the best time to buy a PSA 9 Mark McGwire 85 Topps card: On the run up to breaking the record or a few months later. All those idiots that paid too much for the cards as an investment were dumping them trying to make a profit, thus driving the price down. There was no more potential left. The investors are all about the potential and not about the result.

For reference: See Housing Crash. Its amazing how many of my friends are 10's of thousands upside down in their houses because they bought on the upswing of or at the top of the market.

The art of the patch

We all lament those famous single color "patch" cards. With many you can tell that it is part of a patch but some look like jersey material only. Two of my Masterpieces patch /50 showed up yesterday including Fav-Ra.

First up we have Favre:
What the hell is that on the jersey?
It is certainly a marker and I think I saw this card advertised before as "part of Brett's auto". It's still single color but not a bad effort.
Mr. Westbrook. I already had this card but couldn't pass up the 4 color goodness.
Check it out in all its glory

The westbrook is how all patches should look, or close. It's small for sure, but quite impressive. I am not sure why UD and Topps make single color patches. Doesn't anyone say anything before they are packed out?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Off Topic - One of the most pretentious conversations I have ever seen

I know both of these people from high school:

Friend 1: is reading about Roman exemplarity...and falling asleep.

Person I don't know: falling asleep or comatose?

Friend 2: Let me guess...exceptionalism was the basis of their foreign policy, they had a manifest destiny to dominate their hemisphere, and everything was alright as long as the frontier provided a pressure release valve for the ambitious malcontents?

Friend 1: bordering on comatose. @Friend 2: much worse--distinctions between modern theories of identity construction and the anachronistic application of those theories to Roman social roles found in the literary and pictorial tradition of exempla. I think I just bored myself explaining that.

IAMJOECOLLECTOR: I'm reading the lost symbol, but somehow I don't think that it is related. BTW big words confuse me, many big words really confuse me.

Friend 2 Oof. Didn't all that become passé in about 1998? I suppose it is useful to emphasize the importance of approaching material from a more self-critical/self-aware point of view....damn Freud ruined everything...but it does sound tiresome.

Wow, um mentally masturbate much?

2008 Topps Mayo Football Wantlist


2007 Masterpieces Green Linen and Windsor Wantlist

I thought I had a complete set but when I resorted I realized I had mixed the linens and windsors lo those many months ago. Updated 1-7-10

Green Linen

Green Windsor

2007 Masterpieces Pinot and Blue Linen want list

Pinot Red /75

Blue Linen /75

Real Game Used Jerseys

I always wondered where they came from.

I'm a Winner!

and my Mom agrees:

I could have posted the Erin Andrews video, but she would sue me, or even the Ashley Greene pics, or that topless Lily Allen pic, or the Vanessa Hudgens pics, but I decided to go with the Trophy.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Football Break is a go

The football break is going forward, please pay for your spots. Break will occur when the boxes arrive next week.

Oh and Motherscratchers bet win will be announced in the next week.

I never know what to make of these auctions

I have no scientific evidence, blah blah blah, but financial crimes are tied to stuff. Art, cars, sportscards, and coins. Some guy or girl gets his or her hand caught in the cookie jar and all those hundreds, thousands, millions they pilfered are confiscated in their resulting form. Sometimes the theft occurs to buy cars, art and such.

Often there are some nice rare cards and i get all excited and want to bid, and then I realize that those cards are available on ebay every day.


Bumscratcher wants some

CousinKisser over at Achiever card blog has thrown down the gauntlet.

I have either accepted, run through it, or something. I don't know what a gauntlet is so I am not sure what I am supposed to do with it. Anyway my response:

Epic post, well played.

The Buckeyes that were on my salad of organic greans and marion berrys (the non crack smoking kind) have started to make their journey into my bowels, however, they are probably stuck there for years to come.

THE Beavers, as they are to everyone else, are a non factor in Oregon Sports. I often explain my lack of like or dislike for them and people seem to understand. I'm not a diehard Duck fan, although with some hollandaise sauce and raspberry jam Duck cannot be beat.

I'm not sure I can ever like or even forgive THE Ohio State University for being THE most pretentious school out there. I would put Ivy league schools up their, but again, none of us common folk care of their douchebaggery.

I do fear that THE Ducks may be in trouble versus THE Ohio State University but I shrink from nothing except when I get out of a pool and get cold, Assparagus, and women humping my leg with my girlfriend in the next room with my frat brothers chanting my name.

Therefore, I accept your bet but since our state unemployment rate is ranked higher than our Football team, I need no more of that.

THE MotherScratcher V. THE IamJoeCollector bet over something that neither one of us has control over but will take all of THE credit for IS ON like Donald Faison.

THE bet is for a box of cards of THE loser's choice. Do you have THE Kidney Stones to accept?

PS. Having known a few Duck cheerleaders they are pretty hot and THE marrying type, whereas THE OSU are attractive and THE drunken frat party pump and dump type.

January 1, 2010 2:03 PM

stusigpi said...
Endnote 1.

I'll even spot you 1/2 point.

Word Verification: fleduck

Really, fleduck.

January 1, 2010 2:08 PM

Yes Virginia, it really was fleduck.

January Monthly Box Break - Available Teams 4 slots left in Football Break

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