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Friday, January 15, 2010

2 more slots

Its amazing how much more quickly baseball breaks fill up than Football. I have 2 open slots in the 2008 Masterpieces Football Case Break.

2008 Football 4 slots $75 a person
1. Captain Canuck
2. Darkship
5. Me $300

Here are the rules:
2008 Masterpieces Football Case

Each slot gets a share of all base cards, all shortprints, and all black framed autos (except 1), all jerseys and black framed parallels and all of the red framed parallels that I don't need for my set. The four participants would get 1 red framed auto /10 of my choice to be randomed. You would get any printing plates.

Eseentially each participant gets:
4 Time Warps
8 Painted rookies
7 Jerseys
3 possibly 4 autos
20 black parallels
4-5 Red Parallels

I would get all of the numbered parallels(except reds), both patches and 1 of the red autos of my choice. I would also get 1 of the black framed autos of my choice.


Anonymous said...

Id be interested in a month or two.

Have you received my money order for the baseball break?

stusigpi said...

I got it yesterday. Thanks.

grant said...

Jeff, When are you doing this break? I want in but I didn't see when the break was so I can schedule the payments to you as well as for the Feb. Baseball break. Grant