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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The art of the patch

We all lament those famous single color "patch" cards. With many you can tell that it is part of a patch but some look like jersey material only. Two of my Masterpieces patch /50 showed up yesterday including Fav-Ra.

First up we have Favre:
What the hell is that on the jersey?
It is certainly a marker and I think I saw this card advertised before as "part of Brett's auto". It's still single color but not a bad effort.
Mr. Westbrook. I already had this card but couldn't pass up the 4 color goodness.
Check it out in all its glory

The westbrook is how all patches should look, or close. It's small for sure, but quite impressive. I am not sure why UD and Topps make single color patches. Doesn't anyone say anything before they are packed out?

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