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Friday, January 8, 2010

A big ol' FU to buyers?

I don't sell on ebay. Ebay is a magnet for two things, shitty buyers and shitty sellers. People that I have traded with or sold to through my blog have been great. I had one complaint from Box Opener on some cards that he got from a group break and then I sent Arfmax's cards to the wrong address. I tracked down Arfmax's package and got it to him and then worked it out with Box Opener.

Everyone I have bought from on the Blowout Forums have been great too. First of all, it is easy to tell the idiots on the board. Those Mojo sick nasty patch guys that want 3 times for a card what it costs on the bay. Sorry pal, your cards aren't gold and I don't care how much "off book" it is.

Anyway, ebay has those bidders that bid on everything in site, over extend themselves and then they can't pay, or the guys that are always trying to extort sellers. I'll leave you negative feedback unless you give me free cards or free shipping.

On to the buyers. People that gouge shipping costs, or always list their cards way too high and then you make a reasonable offer and they are offended and bitch you out. The sellers that list their cards as mint or nrmint and the cards show up ExMt or worse, especially on high end.

I was cruising the blowout forums because I'm a happenin guy with a lot going on and ran across this thread.

I suggest reading the thread and the subject's My ebay page. Anyway, the long and short of it is that this buyer spells out what he expects on his my ebay page. Make no mistake, this guy is a jerk about the whole thing, but is he really that wrong? Yet the posters rage against this guy like he clubs baby seals and puts Gem Mt 1950's topps high numbers in his bicycle spokes.

As a buyer, the seller is taking a big chance by shipping cards in snap cases. If you are a seller just buy correct sleeves and toploaders. Snap cases and other cases other than toploaders and the magnetic cases with the corner recesses wreak havoc on corners. Nothing like the card bouncing around in their as it tours our great country, and Canada too.

Pretty much everything the guy talks about in his my ebay page I have dealt with over and over again and frankly it pisses me off. The aforemention snap cases and plastic "box" card cases. A lot of these cards are very low numbered and ruining the card in shipping because you are stupid bugs me. Oh and not taping the toploaders shut? Really? Not sure how many cards I have fished out of the bubble mailer that have been separated from their plastic case.

Sellers not sending me an invoice for days at a time. I do disagree with the one toploader one card, it doesn't bother me and it has never caused a problem.

The posters sound like sellers that just do whatever they damn well please and could care less whether the card will arrive damage. I guarantee that unless the whole package is destroyed, if you follow this guys instructions the cards will not be damaged in shipping.

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NicoLax24 said...

I thought the buyer came across as an ass hole but was very reasonable with almost everything that he specified. Most of it is stuff that should be common sense to anyone that cares about cards, but is ignored by sellers time and time again.

The one thing that I disagree about is that he asks sellers to send him a message that specifies if they have a timeframe in which they want to be paid. My belief is that if the time frame is mentioned in the auction listing then it becomes the responsibility of the buyer to keep track of that and get the payment in on time. Sure it becomes a balancing act to keep track of each sellers specifications, but it isn't their job to take their time and remind you of things that he/she had already made clear in the auction listing.