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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Even Check out my Cards doesn't know the difference

Almost everyone knows of my Masterpieces obsession/quest/lunacy/set collecting. Anyway as part of that, I have had to deal with Upper Deck inexplicably making two parallel sets almost the same as the other with a subtle difference.

In 2007 the serious black and black linen were both numbered out of 99. Here is the difference:

Here is the black:
Even from this angle it is tough to see:
Linen on the right, Serious Black on the Left.

and the green:
Green: Two Matsuis seemingly the same.
close inspection shows the difference.
Note the textured finish on the frame to the right. That is the Linen version, whereas the non textured is the Windsor. After sorting my cards it appears the windsor are 2-1 more common.

Anyway, after my epic score on Check out my cards of some of the Windsors I needed for my set I was super excited. I am getting really close to that set and to the Linen set as well. My excitement was dashed when I discovered that they sent me the Linens instead. I don't think they made a simple shipping error, I think they actually don't know the difference.

Duane from his democratic roadkill blog has been running into this problem as well. BTW D, thanks for the cards and help the man out with his Allen and Ginter Project.

Too many ebay sellers are labeling these cards incorrectly, seems it would be helpful to figure out the difference before you sell these, especially a place like COMC. The good thing is that the linens are rarer and one was a Dice-K and one was a Pujoles.


Motherscratcher said...

I haven't sent any cards to COMC yet so I don't know how it works. Would this be the fault of the card seller/owner? Or is it COMC's responsibility to label all of the cards they recieve properly?

Jeez, until I saw this post I don't think I would have ever known the difference.

NY Hitman 23 said...

I think the problem lies with Upper Deck. It took me awhile to figure out the difference and I love these cards. It's stoopid to make two parallel sets nearly identical, or so close that nobody can tell a difference without putting two together and really focusing. Also, what's the point? The parallels are the same color, just different textures.

stusigpi said...

COMC is responsible to made sure the cards are accurately labled. i.e. What's the difference of me sending them a 1996 topps mantle reprint that is obviously a reprint and say its an original, COMC has the duty to not list it as an original.

They took care of it. The funny thing is that its hard for me to tell the difference unless it under a bright light. UD is totally at fault here, but COMC should know that its hard to tell the difference.

Duane said...

Actually now that i know it is pretty easy to tell the difference. It is texture and watching the silver things in the corners.... the linens have the lines or grid or what ever you want to call it in the silver the windsor is smooth and i have terrible lighting. Thanks so much for the information Jeff, without your tutorial....I would never know the difference.