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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Indecent Proposals ****update****

****Update**** If 3-4 people want to get together and buy the half of the case. That's cool too. If 4 people wanted to do it $63 a person would net you roughly 3-4 autos, 4 jerseys and a bunch of parallels, YSL, SP's and basecards.

2008 Baseball 4 slots $63 a slot
1. MotherScratcher
2. OregonShane
3. Beardy
4. Drauer
5. Me $225

2008 Football 4 slots $83 a person
1. Captain Canuck
2. Darkship
5. Me $300

Case breaking is the best way to acquire large amounts of shortprints, build sets and get hits including the case hits. The problem for me is I end up with a ton of cards I don't need.

This is just a thought. I see lots of people that pay a ton for shipping on singles of the black framed, autos and such when they could save themselves time and possibly some money.

Here are a couple proposals:

1 case 2008 Masterpieces Baseball: for $235 you would get all of the basecards and shortprints, Yankees Stadium Legacy Cards (these sell shockingly well), black framed and red framed except for any that I might need for my set, which is few. You would get all of the jerseys and all of the black framed autos. You would also get any printing plates.

I would keep all of the numbered parallels, the YSL jersey card (if there was one), and any jersey/auto, patch, or patch/auto.

This offer is available to as many people that would be interested. At first blush it may seem odd, but I don't have any interest in the jersey cards and the autos I have most of them.

If two people wanted to do it, $120 per person and I would randomly split everything down the middle between the two of you.

2008 Masterpieces Football Case

Same as above except $300 and you would get all base cards, shortprints, and black framed autos (except 1) and red framed parallels that I don't need for my set. You would get 1 red framed auto /10 of my choice. You would get any printing plates.

I would get all of the numbered parallels(except reds), the patches and 1 of the red autos of my choice. I would also get 1 of the black framed autos of my choice.

Is this unreasonable?


The Diamond King said...

Not unreasonable at all. If I didn't have a wife, kids, bills etc, I would be all over it.

NicoLax24 said...

I wish I had a job right now because that sounds quite nice. If you could round up enough people to get the cost down considerably I would be interested. If so I would want to work it out where I could end up with most of the YSL cards, I'm trying to gather as many as I can without committing to collecting the set. Especially since most non-yankee fans despise the cards, I would guess that they wouldn't mind allowing me to pay the little bit extra to end up with those.

beardy said...

Yeah man, I have a honeymoon to save for or I'd be all over it. If you want to do a small masterpieces group break, I could be down for that. Like 5-6 people or something.

Todd said...

The Football would be great as I'm trying to finish that set but just don't have the money at the moment. Cool idea though

beardy said...

With the new format, that's 4 boxes worth of hits for $15 less than 2 hobby boxes would cost. Granted, you keep the case hits, but the odds aren't great you'd get one buying a box or two anyway. I wonder if you'd get a complete base set (minus the SPs) out of it? I think most likely.

You have forced me to seriously consider it.

stusigpi said...

I think you would, I could sort them to get the participants as close to sets as I could.

Motherscratcher said...

I'm in, dude.

If you can't fill 4 slots I might take 2.

Motherscratcher said...

I was half way though pay pal when I realized you may not want me to pay unless it gets filled.

I'm ready to send the dough at your convenience.

FanOfReds said...

IF there were a way to have the short prints that I need end up in my pile I'd consider this! I've already got the entire non-SP base set though...so I guess I'm probably better off spending half of that and buying the final few sps on the 'bay.

stusigpi said...

We would work out the wantlist portion of this after its opened. I anticipate 96 SP's being pulled. Especially on the black frames. I don't think anyone would be mad if I gave a michael young black frame to Beardy because its on his wantlist.

Captain Canuck said...

don't really have time to study this, but put me down for the football... let me know cost...

Anonymous said...

Im down for a slot. Id have to send a money order though. It shouldnt take too long to receive since i live in oregon too :D

NicoLax24 said...

Ok for $63 i'm in. I'll have to mail you the payment cause I don't have a paypal account but definitely count me in.

NicoLax24 said...

Out of curiosity, how will you work the distribution of the hits?

NicoLax24 said...

Wow, my bad. Scratch me on taking a slot. I'd really love to, especially after reading beardy's rationalization of how good of a deal it ends up being, but I simply don't have the funds. sorry for the false alarm

stusigpi said...

Jeff Dover
2574 Arroyo Ridge Ct NW
Salem, OR 97304

Captain, did you want one of 4 slots in a football break for $82 or split the case?

beardy said...

Count me in too, but I can't pay till next Fri.

Dan said...

Hey Jeff:

Can I claim the last slot for the baseball break? This sounds like an awesome idea. I love the Masterpieces cards. I'll pay as soon as I get confirmation that I'm in. Thanks.